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Royal Pichu
10-18-2008, 09:58 PM
Need help with the following pokes.

Gallade Admant Item:?
Psycho Cut
Leaf Blade
Close Combat
Night Slash

Milotic Modest Item:Leftovers
Ice Beam
sleep talk

T-Tar Quiet Item:Leftovers
Focus Punch
Rock Polish

Salamence Hasty Choice Band
Dragon Claw
Draco Meteor
Brick Break

10-18-2008, 11:10 PM
Well, given that Gallade is fully offensive, I'd recommend Choice Band or Life Orb. However, you can forgo both and opt for Swords Dance over Leaf Blade, as his coverage will still be remarkable, and the Swords Dance boost will let him rip through bulky Waters with STAB Close Combat and Psycho Cut (and Night Slash for Slowbro). If you have Swords Dance, Lum Berry is a good item if you bring it out early, but if you have other Pokemon to eliminate fast threats, you can give him Life Orb or Expert Belt to rip through the rest of the team. (Moreover, if you have Swords Dance, go for a Jolly nature by all means)

Also, for all of these, it might help to give us EVs and Natures, so we can assess what your strengths and weaknesses may be. It might help to also give us any teams that you have used these Pokemon to assemble...because I would sure hope that these aren't all on the same team. They're all very good, yes, but mesh them together without any support or tanks and you're evoking a catastrophe.