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10-25-2008, 01:29 AM
Well... I have my laptop, MacBookPro... but I'm getting a new room(basically just remodeling the guest bedroom and making my old bedroom the new guest room)... but my dad says that I can get a new Desktop computer, since my mom won't let me have a TV(since she things its a distraction for me....)

But, what do you guys think of this computer? Its the HP Touchsmart, with a touchscreen monitor. I think there are a few models, but here is the site:

Do you guys think this would be a good desktop, or does anyone have any other options that I should look into? My dad has a Dell XPS 720(the best Dell desktop they make so far). And I don't want a Mac since I will still be using my laptop which is a Mac. Oh, and I want Vista.