View Full Version : That was a great game!

10-29-2008, 06:29 AM
I unfortunately lost my Mystery Dungeon on a bus, so bought a new game system/game, replayed. I used Wondermail Generator for some good recruits early rather then wait until later on in the game to make my teams effective. But man, the 2 endings are something.

Hopefully, everybody played the game, but if anybody hasn't played it, don't read any further.

The 1st ending with having to defeat Dialga/stop the Tower from collapsing was great and emotional. It was sad to have the character go home and your partner heartbroken.

The 2nd ending with beating Darkrai was great, and it was great to find out that he, and possibly Dusknoir ( I wouldn't put it past Dusknoir to be an associate to Darkrai) that it was HE that put together that plan to get the time gears, and then Dusknoir alleging what Grovyle was up to when instead, it was he and Darkrai that were the real dangerous individuals.

It was certainly emotional in what Darkrai was trying to do when invading dreams and then trying to plant doubt with my partner/hero. It was great to be able to fight through such an event like that.

And I got my hero/partner evolved at 55 for Piplup in Dawn and Ash the leader at 53 instead of going high 70s.

Just got to get to the reunite with Manaphy part.