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10-30-2008, 02:25 AM
Im using a Flygon because chomp became uber and i can't use him anymore:sad:
also plz tell me if i did the rate my team thing in the rite format
Feel free to suggest things and rate my team, and dont go too harsh its my first time doing a
rate my team post.:happy:
The team at a glance

Roserade@Focus Sash
Timid-Natural Cure
252 Sp. Atk. 252 Spd. 6 Hp.
-Sleep Powder
-Grass Knot
-Hidden Power[Fire]
-Toxic Spikes

This Guy here is my lead, the moveset is pretty simple, put to sleep, then set up t-Spikes.
Hp Fire for Foretress+Scizor and Abomasnow and Grass knot for the stab.

Gengar@Expert Belt
252 Sp. Atk. 252 Spd. 6 Hp.
-Hidden Power[Ice]
-Shadow Ball
-Thunder Bolt
-Focus Blast

Hes my Sp. Attacker, i gave him Expert Belt because it probably will surprise a lot of people. Hp Ice is for Dragons, Shadow Ball for stab, Focus Blast for the Darks types that switch in(ex.-Weavile), and T-Bolt for Gyara. The Eexpert Belt adds an extra kick to Gengar's Super-Effective moves.

Flygon@Choice Scarf
136 Spd. 252 Atk. 120 Sp. Atk.
-Draco Meteor
-Stone Edge
-Fire Punch

A mixed attacker, but mostly used as a physical. Like on Smogon, Draco Meteor K.Os 4hp/min Salamence, Earthquake for stab and the Steels that wall him, Fire Punch for Bronzong and coverage and finally Stone Edge for Gyara and also coverage. Choice scarf to boost her speed so she can outrun other pokemon.

Weavile@Choice Band
252 Atk. 252 Sp. Atk. 6 Hp.
-Ice Shard
-Brick Break
-Aeriel Ace

My Physical attacker, not so sure about the item since I already have a physical choice user, but for the moves, Puruit for pokemon that are switching out, Brick Break for Rocks and Steels, Aerial Ace for Heracross, and Ice Shard because its always good to have a move that always hits first to kill of weak pokemon and to kill dragons before they kill you.

Calm-Water Absorb
252 Hp. 252 Sp. Def.
-Ice Beam

Vaporeon is here because I really need a Sp. Wall. The moves are pretty self-explanatory and your basic set. Surf for a stab offensive move, Ice Beam for Dragons,Wish for self and team healing, and Protect to ensure wish will heal Vaporeon and too stall with Roserade's T-Spikes.

252 Hp. 252 Def. 6 Atk.
-Gyro Ball
-Stealth Rock
-Rapid Spin

Heres my physical wall. Gyro Ball for offense, Stealth Rock is there because Forretress is the only worthy SR setter in my team, Explosion to put a dent in Blissey and to just deal a massive amount of damage if necessary and Rapid Spin to get rid of enemy Spikes, T-Spikes, and SR.

10-30-2008, 02:39 AM
SubDance kingdra > Flygon imo. I would also suggest sash on weaville.

10-30-2008, 04:53 AM
SubDance kingdra > Flygon imo. I would also suggest sash on weaville.
CB Weavile is fine as it is.

It looks fine and dandy, but IMHO Vaporeon doesn't need the Sp. Def EVs. Those should be dumped into Defense so you can beat MixApe. Most things that Vaporeon should be switching in on are either physical or NVE. That and Forry can't serve as your sole physical wall.