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11-02-2008, 04:56 PM
I would like to propose an official auto-forfeit system in the forum battles. It's getting really irritating where some people get into a forum battle and suddenly go inactive and such.

As for the system, if the inactive person haven't posted for at least in two weeks, he will be deemed as he forfeitted. Of course, the normal rules apply, which is if the battle has only about just started, no money for both players.

11-02-2008, 04:57 PM
Is there not already a system like that? I believe that refs may close a battle if someone doesn't post for a while ^^'
If not then, I agree ^^

The Jr Trainer
11-02-2008, 04:59 PM
I'm pretty sure refs have the ability to call a forum battle a forfeit after a certain amount of time; I've seen Pidge and ATF do it before.

11-02-2008, 06:27 PM
I've done it before too. I think it's a good rule though.

11-03-2008, 04:09 AM
So when two weeks reached, we're allowed to end the battle already? I never knew that, and I always sent a PM to the trainer and wait one more week. :x (Provided one of the battlers PM me, because I can't even remember what battle I'm reffing)

Loyal Arcanine
11-03-2008, 07:45 PM
There is no such rule yet, but I think it's a good idea. Snooze, you loose, right? And it would be fair to the refs as well, getting paid for their efforts.

11-05-2008, 07:14 PM
I did that with CK and Uomo. I disqualified CK after PMing her and waiting a week. I honestly didn't think it was fair for Uomo to have a forum battle slot wasted because she couldn't get on the computer.

Jack of Clovers
11-06-2008, 05:52 AM
This has been in the rules for quite awhile. Listed in the Forum Battle Rules thread:
If your opponent doesn't reply to the battle for 2+ weeks, you are entitled to any winnings you deserve. First, you MUST try to contact your opponent to remind him/her of the battle. If that fails, then go to a Moderator and he/she will look at the battle to determine an outcome. Their decision is final.