View Full Version : Action Replay Help Needed.

Dark Turtwig
11-06-2008, 02:35 AM
Okay, so I just an action replay today. I installed the program on my computer. I really just want to do pokesav, and make competitive wi-fi teams. I am making a Rain Dance team. I saved it, got the code and everything. Now, I want to upload it to the AR in the Code Manager, because the code is extremely long. My AR code manager won't recognize my DS. I've tried just going back to home page on AR, and then turning on the DS system, and taking the cable out of the AR (when it's off), and taking it out of my computer. Then I turn my DS system on, plug the cable in to my computer, then to AR, and it won't recognize it. The Code Manager just constantly says, "Waiting for DS". Can somebody help me? Do I need to reset my AR and start all over? This is so frustrating...:dazed: