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Sight of the Stars
11-15-2008, 05:08 PM
^My own banner made on Paint^

'l|l'Dragon Force Banner and Avvie Shop'l|l'
Yes, I do use Paint, but BEFORE YOU GO TO A DIFFERENT SHOP, I'l let you know I'm stuck with it. I can make very nice banners, actually, when others can't. You just have to know how to use it. But let's move on...

Welcome to Dragon Force Banner and Avvie Shop!

You enter the shop, and you see one person in front of the computer, working hard to make the banners just right. Her mouse glides smoothly over it's pad, and she finally hears your foot steps and looks up.

"Welcome," she says. "Would you like a banner?"


1. Plz d0 n0t t@lk li3k ths. N00b t@lk i5 n0t w3lc0m3.

2. Good grammar is welcome with open arms, so please use it.

3. Do not rush me. I only have two hands, ten fingers, a desktop, and a laptop.

4. Give credit. Or else. Or else I will send Wake of the Dead (http://dragcave.net/viewdragon/n/Wake%20of%20the%20Dead)after you and tell her to "Sic 'em, girl!"

5. TO ALL THE NOOBS OUT THERE: I'll know when you didn't read the rules, because every non-noob would know to put 'Where Dragons Reign' somewhere in their post. Mmmkay?

6. Come back again! If you enjoyed having your banner or avvie, always come back! You're always welcome!














'l|l'Request Forms'l|l'

~Avvie Request Form

Image: ((If you want a specific image, provide it please))
Text: ((Optional))
Background: ((yes, you must have it unless it is one of the ones in 'l|l'Examples'l|l'))
Other: ((Anything else? Like maybe a rule...*hint* *hint*))

~Banner Request Form

Background: ((Solid color, or a more advanced background? If advanced or specific, provide a pic))
Images: ((The picture you want in the banner. I'll try my hardest to make them all fit. If you want them in any specific place, it would help if you told me))
Text: ((The words, font, and actual size on Paint [you can go look, just pull up the text toolbar]))
Size: ((Banner size in pixels))
Other: ((Anything I left out. Maybe put a rule... *hint* *hint*))