View Full Version : F1's New "Medal" System. :\

11-27-2008, 10:09 AM
The 2009 Formula One Drivers' Championship will be decided by a medals system instead of points.

F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone announced on Wednesday that race winners will from next year be awarded medals with the Championship settled according to who has the highest number.

Gold, silver and bronze medals would be given to the top three finishers and the driver who won most races would be crowned World Champion.

Ecclestone says the system should be approved by motorsport world governing body, the FIA, before the end of year.

"It's going to happen," Ecclestone is quoted by Associated Press. "All the teams are happy. The reason this happens is that I get fed up with people talking about no overtaking.

"The reason there's no overtaking is nothing to do with the circuit or the people involved, it's to do with the drivers not needing to overtake.

"If you are in the lead and I'm second, I'm not going to take a chance and risk falling off the road or doing something silly to get two more points. If I need to do it to win a gold medal, because the most medals win the World Championship, I'm going to do that. I will overtake you."

Ferrari's Felipe Massa would have won this year's title under the proposed system as he won one more race than 2008 Champion Lewis Hamilton.

"This year, we saw on a number of occasions Lewis not overtaking Massa for that reason," Ecclestone added. "If he'd driven for me, tried it and made a mistake, I would have complained. It's just not on that someone can win the World Championship without winning a race."

Sounds bad tbqh. I would have prefered them to stick with the points. Way to screw up the sport. >_>