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12-17-2008, 08:34 PM
Banner of the Week
Theme: Christmas

About this week

Okay people week 5, we have made it this far, I'm sorry for last weeks theme, it was a little bit to limited, but I hope this weeks theme will make up for it.
Anyway this weeks theme is special, since Christmas is in 7 days, we will expand the deadline by 3 days, so that we can get as many banners as possible and make this weeks contest special, you can look at it this way, each banner can be like a Christmas decoration for the forum:wink:, so help me decorate the thread with wonderful lively banners, that will make us all smile.

So early Merry Christmas to you all since this is the last contest before the 25th:wink:.

The Basics
This is basically a banner contest: create a banner using the theme posted above and post it here. You are given 7 days to submit the banner. You may edit your submission at any time before the deadline. You may only enter 1 banner per week.
Once the deadline is reached, the banners will be put in a poll, and the members of PE2K will vote for which one they like the best.
The banner can be any size within a reasonable limit, but you must follow the theme given, or the banner will not be entered into the contest (If we cannot see how the topic applies, you will be given the chance to explain yourself).
Please follow all of the forum rules, or you will be disqualified and/or warned.


The Deadline for this contest is the 28th of December at 12 AM.

12-20-2008, 10:21 PM
Okay you have plenty of time:D

12-28-2008, 12:34 PM
Does this go here?
If so, here's my entry:

12-30-2008, 08:26 PM
Okay people I'll end this contest 2nd of January so that we can have more entries, if we don't have any by then, then Wolf will win by default.

12-30-2008, 09:33 PM
Haha, I'm not gonna miss this one! =D