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12-22-2008, 08:12 AM
I am a veteran paintballer (5 years).

There are many kinds of Paintball ranging from woodsball (recreational fun) to Speedball (tournament style speed play)

If you are new to paintball just ask me any question, i'd be happy to answer. The question i get most of the time from noobies is "What setup should I get?" And alot of other paintballers get angry at that...not me! :smile:

The paintball types:

A recreational type of game where people get camo'd up to hide in the woods. This is a stealthy game where teams try to take out the other team or take their flag. Once your hit, your out.

Same as woodsball but in a scenario type of scene (fort, army style etc)

The type of play in which stealth is basically no option. each team starts at a specific start point on their side of the field called the dead box. After a ref tells them to play, they each dart to specific bunkers which could consist of spools, crates, tires etc. Many, if not all speedballers will have an electronic Paintball gun and electronic force fed hopper (loader).

Air ball:
same as speedball, but with air filled bunkers in specific shapes and names such as the can (cylinder shape), dorito (piramid), Aztek (tall trapazoid), box (cube shape), X (giant X), or snake (small tubes on ground). Mostly for tournament games/practices.

What gun type is right for me?:
Glad you asked! There are MANY MANY MANY different guns at different weights and messurements and performance. But which is right for you?

There are four types of paintball guns

Sear tripping semi auto: shoot by having a spring loaded trigger move a sear, releasing the firing mechanism to fire forward. Can use CO2 and N2 tanks

Sear Tripping Electronic: same as semi, only using a small solenoid to move the sear. Electronic pulses move more quickly that springs. Can use CO2 and N2

Mechanical Pnuematic: Uses only timed pnuematics and springs to move a pump arm to properly cock, shoot and re-cock again. Can only use N2

Electropnuematic: Uses a Solenoid to send air through small hoses, quickly releasing the firing mechanism without any friction to other parts. Can only use N2.

Rec: You will want anything flat black or camo in color. Any gun performance-wise can be a good choice, besides ones with external firing mechanisms (aka the bolt REALLY showing), or extremely light guns. Sear trippers and mechanical Pnuematics are your best bet, although some electropnuematic guns can be used as well

Speed: Best to use only Electropnuematic guns to keep up with the other speedy guns. Although, Electro Sear trippers can also be used to great speeds, they will not keep up due to their friction of all the different moving parts.

Need specific advice on what gun or gun A vs gun B? just ask!

Want to help? or just talk paintball? Come on in!!!

01-08-2009, 09:05 AM
no one plays paintball? :(

01-08-2009, 09:18 AM
no one plays paintball? :(Umm, try not to double post, and I've messed around with a paintball gun before with a few of my friends, got shot in the ass, hurt like hell :P.


01-09-2009, 05:18 AM
I really enjoy paintball even though I've only played it like 5 or so times but I do have a piranha gun I don't remember the full name because it's been a while but yeah Paintball is awesome but pretty painful at the same time. I prefer to just play outside in like the woods and such just because it's easiest and the most natural way to play but I did go to a paintball place once and it was pretty fun.

01-11-2009, 08:44 PM
I had a piranha at one point, R6 May be what your thinking of? Evo, GTI Maybe?

I have a=n 07 Macdev Cyborg. Speedball tourney gun :3