View Full Version : Anti-Leads?

12-31-2008, 07:49 AM
NOTE :: Not intended for interpretation as a party, but as individual Pokemon**
Looking more for feedback please.

Just wondering if these COULD be "antileads" or good party starters..

Medicham @ Jolly (f) / Adamant (m)
Pure Power
252 atk, 4 def, 252 spe
~Fake Out
~Psycho Cut (f)/ Brick Break (m)
~Ice Punch

Chain bred Smeargle + Spinda > Meditite for the Psycho Cut & Fake Out.
Highest opponent team kill streak: 3 of 6

I normally DON'T lead with this, but if I feel like BPing over to Medicham,
these serve me well at times.
Antilead, or too gimmicky?

Donphan @ Jolly
Focus Sash
80 spe, 252 atk, 172, hp
~Ice Shard
~Knock Off

Last battle with this in party occured on Boxing Day. Got Tricked into taking a Choice Band when Wish kicked in a second time, LOL. Donphan took on a Zapdos, Scizor and Swampert by itself; 2hko'ing Zapdos with a norm and critical Shard and Stealth up. Scizor took the first fall (of the match) to Earthquake, Endeavor (he Roosted..) & Ice Shard (recalled, but fainted on re-entry). Swampert Countered my Knock Off twice, then took a HealBlock-BP rom Smeargle and fell to Donphan's Earthquake.

Gengar (the other guy's Gengar) killed off my Donphan and two sweepers with Focus Blasts and Shadow Balls. Hippowdon and Empoleon saved my victory.