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01-04-2009, 08:16 PM
Yeah the title says it all. Seeing every OU pokemon mainly 3 of them, I decided to make a team out of them, not just a regular team, an offensive team. This team has only 1 wall and the rest bulk up the teams weaknesses. The team in general when I did use it was 37-4. Without further notice, RMT.

Scizor@Choice Band
Adamant Nature [+ Attack, -Sp.Atk]
Ev's: 252 Attack/ 252 Speed/ 6 Hp
Ability: Technician
~Bullet Punch
~Super Power
The main purpose of this pokemon is to make trick leads with scarfs useless and be able to scout them out. With Scizor having technician and as a lead, pursuit is a amazing opportunity to use. Get's Gengars and Azelfs two of the most popular trickers and can dish out a strong attack after. U-turn is great for scouting and does a great deal of damage to a big problem Cresselia and can pass out to something to finish it off. This lead is just amazing and I love it.

Heatran@Choice Scarf
Modest Nature [+Sp.Atl,-Attack]
Ev's: 252 Speed/ 252 Special Attack/ 6 Attack
Ability: Flash Fire
~Fire Blast
~Earth Power
~Hidden Power [Ice]
This thing is here for an obvious reason. Takes hit's that Mamoswine and Scizor can't take and can also take other hits nicely. Not really much to explain about this thing because it is so standard everyone knows why it is here in the first place. Best Special Attacker in the game in my opinion :/. Oh yeah I forgot to add this is my DD mence counter once it Outrages already.

Timid Nature [+Speed,-Attack]
Ev's: 252 Special Attack, 150 Speed, 100 Hp
Ability: Pressure
~Thunder Bolt
~Hidden Power [Grass]
~Heat Wave
I made this Zapdos set myself. The speed Ev's allow it to outrun certain pokes who get stopped at 299 speed, The Hp Ev's allow Zapdos to take hit's nicely without having to switch out alot, and the special attack Ev's are there for obvious reasons. Roost allows me to recover Hp I lost which is always useful, Hp Grass is for Swampert which hurts my team and Heat Wave for things like Scizor and Bronzong. Seriously this thing has been caught sweeping whole teams in late game and I just love this thing.

Adamant Nature [+Attack,-Sp.Atk]
Ev's: 252 Attack/ 36 Hp/ 220 Speed
Ability: Snow Cloak
~Stealth Rock
~Ice Shard
~Stone Edge
This thing is great. Here for switch in's to Ice Beams, and mainly Thunder Bolts. This thing can set up stealth rock and is can knock off low Hp pokemon or just flat out dominates Salamence and Flygon. This thing I have always love and have almost always used it in my teams. Coverage is great and can just do great.

Salamence@Yache Berry
Adamant Nature [+Attack,-Sp.Atk]
Ev's: 252 Attack/ 252 Speed/ 6 Hp
Ability: Intimidate
~Dragon Dance
~Earth Quake
~Stone Edge
What can I really say about this thing, other than it works great. I tested out a choice scarf mence in place with this and it just was pathetic compared to this. Yache berry allows me to set up on things like Infernape, Swampert, Mamoswine, Heatran, and many more I could list. Honestly this thing is awesome and I can sweep teams with it, which is why I use it.

Bold Nature [+Defense,-Attack]
Ev's: 252 hp/ 220 Defense/ 36 Special Attack
Ability: Water Absorb
~Hidden Power [Electric]
My only wall on this team. Heals up all the other sweeping pokemon after doing whatever needs to be done and can take any water attacks that fly at Mamo or Heatran. I picked this wall because of the sole purpose of Wish. The only flaw about this thing is that Mix-Nape can hurt it badly but my other pokemon can handle it very well and switching is key on this team.


01-04-2009, 09:10 PM
The zapdos text burns my retinas. and i suggest ice beam > HP on vaporeon.

Dark Turtwig
01-04-2009, 09:39 PM
There's not really much to rate on this team, it's pretty self-explanitory. (did I spell that right? :P)
Although I would use Rash or Quiet Nature on Heatran, Modest powers down his Blowing Up. I Thought about using a very similar Zapdos set acually, in my team, but I decided to go for a bit more bulk.

01-04-2009, 09:46 PM
I suggest Toxic on Vaporeon instead of HP. Just my opinion, will come in handy a LOT more.

01-04-2009, 09:58 PM
I've been using that Zapdos for a while acctually. :x EVs should be: 252 SAtk/148 Spd/108 HP.

Heatran should be Rash.

I think HP works well on Vaporeon here. Gyarados has an easier time setting up, than Salamence for this team, since it can switch into Scizor and Heatran, with nothing to worry about, while Salamence can't do that. And Revenge killing Mence is easier too. Thats really all I have to say. D:

01-04-2009, 10:30 PM
Just a suggestion to...everyone...Please use Orange when you want to refer to Zapdos in your pretty little post. I know he's yellow, but orange matches him well, and it makes things legible. I'm just tired of people doing that and remaining completely oblivious.

I think Choice Scarf Salamence wasn't for you because you already have Heatran as a revenge killer. I hate Heatran because he's so damn ugly, so Salamence works my magic for me. Even though Outrage is really powerful and all, you should still consider Dragon Claw, because 120 Base power after STAB isn't negligible, and even if it is a late-game sweeper, a smart player will keep their Bronzong or Metagross tucked safely away for fear of the rest of your team (Bronzong will try to counter Mamoswine, but Metagross is really afraid of these guys). Thus, trapping yourself into Outrage is only a good idea when you know what they have coming for you. I would also suggest Jolly, but like always, you never know if you'll even have time to set up, so you might need the power.

Generally, I like the notion of this team's offensive nature. This is pretty much how I play most of the time. Given that Azelf is becoming less common and Magnezone more so, I generally find Choice Band Scizor the best option you can have, because Scizor can scout nearly all the important things you'll have to counter (because everything wants to kill him). Vaporeon's also a good choice for a wall, if not an average one, save for the fact that it's your only hope against Empoleon if it sets up. I know that's an odd thing to say, but dude, it really screws up your team if it gets time. I would nag you to put Yawn on there, but as it is your only wall and very helpful Wish Passer, you need Protect to keep him alive. A really nice team...I mean, it lacks originality, as you've exemplified, but there's good strategy here. Your only problem may be the lack of a Stealth Rock resistance, and thus the lack of a mixed sweeper may hurt you. A Stall team with Blissey and good physical walls like Hippowdon and especially Skarmory played by a smart person can probably destroy this team if you're not careful.

EDIT: "I" before "E", except after "C", my friend.