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Kayla Ann
03-02-2009, 03:02 PM
Approved by Neo Pikachu :)

Welcome to the Banner Show, where you can submit a banner, related to the theme, and hope the community of Pe2k likes it and picks YOU! For the best banner. Each week there will be a different theme, this first week will be a theme of SNOW DAY! There will be only 5 days for people to enter this banner contest. After the deadline no more entries will be excepted, unless there is only one or two people who entered then there will be a 3 day extension. So tell your friends and family here at pe2k about the new Banner Show!


Theme:Snow Day
This will be FUN! Everyone is welcome to submit a banner, the more the better!

This Weeks theme is : Snow Day!
So you all have creative freedom to make this banner whatever you could imagine as long as it has some connection to the theme.

You can only submit one banner per week and you may edit it as many times as you can before the deadline.
After we have reached the deadline I will make a poll and they people of PE2k will vote on whose they like the best! There will be a 1rst, 2cd, and 3rd place winner.

The banner size will range any ware between 50x50 - 200x500! thatís a big banner =)
If no one can see the resemblance in your banner to the theme, you will have to explain it if you still want a chance in competing.!

So remember the theme and rules a HAVE FUN!

This contest will end on Saturday, March 7th