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Apollo the Incinermyn
03-18-2009, 08:26 PM
Okay, I have to admit this beforehand, I'm not much of an artist as you'll probably see. But, I do have quite a few fakemon and dex info to match.


Type: Fire
Name’s Origin: Weasinge is a combo of ‘weasel’ and ‘singe,’ a simple one but it does go well with how this mammal has some burnt parts on its fur (which is how it also practices its pyrokinesis).
Classification: Kindle Pokémon
Height: 1’ 6”
Weight: 32 lbs
Gender Ratio: 87.5% Male/ 12.5% Female
Dimorphisms: Females have slightly larger rubies than males do.
Egg Group: Ground
Base Stats: Health-somewhat low, Attack-somewhat low, Defense-low, Special Attack-moderate, Special Defense-somewhat low, Speed-moderate
Ability: Inferno-If Weasinge is at a disadvantage type-wise, the power of its Fire moves double.
Lime Entry: Weasinge are very peculiar fire Pokémon. They live in typically cold climates and burn off certain parts of their fur.
Slate Entry: Curious by nature, Weasinge approach anything that they haven’t seen before. If they sense a threat, they launch fireballs from their rubies.
Coal Entry: Though their fur is thick, Weasinge still burn off occasional patches of it. It is believed they practice their pyrokinesis this way.
In-game Appearances: Lime, Slate, and Coal, receive as starter from Dr. Felicia Barnes after completing the Trainer’s Course at IIPS on Maritide Island. Used by male rival Chase if chosen starter was Porpike, or by female rival Sandra if chosen starter was Otterawl. Also used by most of the junior trainers at the Pawford City Gym.
Evolution Line: Weasinge evolves into Charmink at Level 19, and then into Incinermyn at Level 38.
Lifespan: 34 years
Vision/Perception: Weasinge essentially sees in the same range of light humans can, though lacks the ability to see some lower-end frequencies of red. However, it can see some ultraviolet light.

Fury Swipes-11
Mock-16-Dark: The user tries to taunt the foe into using an attack move and then tries to avoid it at the last second. If an attack move was used, Mock’s user turns that move on the enemy with twice its normal power. PP: 10
Sunny Day-21
Fire Spin-31
Burn Off-36-Fire: The user cures most status afflictions it has by burning its pelt, but causes some damage (10% of full HP rating) to it by doing so. Can be used even when frozen or sleeping, but useless on poisoning. PP: 5
Light Screen-41
Fire Blast-46
Pyro Salvo-56-Fire: The user creates fireballs with its mind and then launches them at its opponent. Shoots 2 to 6 fireballs per turn, and has a 50% chance of causing a burn. Power: 30 Accuracy: 85 Category: Special PP: 30
Dream Eater-Egg
Inverted Flux-Egg-Psychic: By employing a bizarre psychic technique, the user can flip the type match-up ratios so they become their reciprocals, i.e. 0=1/0 or infinity/instant KO, 1=1, 2=˝, ˝=2, 4=Ľ, Ľ=4, for the remainder of battle (or until its used again to return them to normal). Critical hits and additional boosts aren’t included in these, and remain their own factors. PP: 5
Repulse-Egg-Psychic: A peculiar attack that deflects all special attack moves at an opponent’s partner during double battles. Not usable if there’s only one enemy. PP: 10
Mind Reader-Egg
Fire Fang-Egg
Blaze Rush-Egg
Heat Wave-Egg
Fiery Gale-Tutor (Kyle, the Pawford Gym Leader, after defeating Ronac’s Elite Four and Champion Meg)-Fire: The user creates a tornado of flame that engulfs all opponents and causes damage. Power is determined by the whirlwind’s intensity (F-0: 15, F-1: 30, F-2: 45, F-3: 60, F-4: 90, F-5: 120) and doubles if the foe is airborne. Accuracy: 90 Category: Special PP: 30

Type: Fire
Name’s Origin: Charmink’s derived from ‘char’ and ‘mink,’ following the idea for Weasinge with how it burns its pelt. This time, though, the back part of its pelt is totally ablaze with an inferno of red, yellow, and white flames. Also, the flames on its shoulders and on the tops of its forelegs are yellow-orange with light blue tips.
Classification: Incinerate Pokémon
Height: 3’ 4”
Weight: 65 lbs
Dimorphisms: Like Weasinge, females have larger rubies than males do. But, the males also have some golden hair behind their rubies that drop down the sides of their heads.
Base Stats: Health-moderate, Attack-moderate, Defense-somewhat low, Special Attack-high, Special Defense-moderate, Speed-somewhat high
Ability: Inferno
Lime Entry: To ward off other predators, Charmink start their entire backsides ablaze when out hunting. The fires dim while they stalk prey or are resting.
Slate Entry: Hardy Pokémon, Charmink live mostly in the taiga and tundra climates. Because of this, they have developed strong pyrokinesis to help them trap prey while hunting.
Coal Entry: It is said that Charmink always cook their food thoroughly right after killing it. This attribute has led scientists to question just their intelligence compared to other species.
In-game Appearances: Lime, Slate, and Coal at the Pawford City Gym during the battle against its leader, Kyle. Also used by Zenith Admin Edwin (or Dr. Nobles in the first fight) at the Wastes Ruins, and at the Zenith Corporation in Darwin City.
Lifespan: 34 years
Vision/Perception: Charmink cannot see red light, but can see everything else up to the middle part of the ultraviolet section in the light spectrum. Also, it’s developed some ESP that it uses to get a better grasp of its surroundings.

Fury Swipes-11
Sunny Day-22
Fire Spin-34
Burn Off-40
Light Screen-46
Fire Blast-52
Wildfire-64-Fire: The user incinerates all surrounding Pokémon with a quick spreading blaze. Has a 30% chance of causing burns. Power: 100 Accuracy: 100 Category: Special PP: 10
Fiery Gale-Tutor

Types: Fire and Psychic
Name’s Origin: Incinermyn’s derived from ‘incinerate’ and ‘ermine,’ again sticking to how this thing is pyrokinetic. This time, though, the power’s so strong that Incinermyn can even command solar fires in order to burn things.
Classification: Solar Flare Pokémon
Height: 8’ 2”
Weight: 173 lbs
Dimorphisms: Females again have larger rubies, but males have larger sun frill radii.
Base Stats: Health-moderately high, Attack-moderate, Defense-moderate, Special Attack-very high, Special Defense-moderate, Speed-high
Ability: Inferno
Lime Entry: Pyrokinetically adept, Incinermyn live on clear mountaintops where they sun themselves during mediation. They typically live alone, and severely punish their disturbers.
Slate Entry: Incinermyn are to never be taken lightly. Their pyrokinetic skills are so fantastic that they can control even solar fires and unleash ultraviolet rays by just opening their eyes.
Coal Entry: Ronac natives believed that Incinermyn were the embodiments of the sun itself. Their pyrokinesis gives this myth some weight, which is why many still avoid training them.
In-game Appearances: Lime, Slate, and Coal at the Forest Ruins after defeating the Elite Four and Meg during a battle against Jay. And, used by Zenith CEO Cleopatra Drake in the penthouse atop the Zenith Corporation. Also found on Mount Corona’s summit in the Tower of Beyi-geyi Leyi-geyi, but cannot be captured.
Lifespan: 34 years
Vision/Perception: Incinermyn can see from the blue to upper ultraviolet range of the light spectrum. However, since its eyes unleash UV radiation too, its ESP is refined to the point where it can make out well-detailed images of its surroundings; though, those images appear in grayscale to it.

Heat Wave-1
Fury Swipes-11
Sunny Day-22
Fire Spin-34
Corona Gaze-38-Fire: By opening its eyelids just slightly, Incinermyn blinds all the other Pokémon on the battlefield with ultraviolet rays. This cuts the accuracy of their moves in half for a time (between 3-8 turns). PP: 15
Burn Off-41
Light Screen-48
Fire Blast-55
Solar Flare-69-Fire: A deadly attack that summons intense solar radiation from above to engulf the battlefield and hurt all on it, even the user. Power: 200 Accuracy: 100 Category: Special PP: 5
Fiery Gale-Tutor