View Full Version : A Journey in Johto!

07-03-2005, 12:03 AM
A girl woke up on a bright sunny morning. That girl’s name is Bebe. Today she is going to get her first Pokemon!

Bebe is 12 years old. She has lived in New Bark town in her whole entire life. Yet she hasn’t seen a real live Pokemon yet, only in pictures. Bebe is so excited that she woke up early. Early enough to see the sunrise. She marveled at it. Today she thought, will go perfect! I just know it!

Bebe headed downstairs to eat her breakfast. Her mother was cooking some. “Today’s a big day honey! So I made you a big breakfast!” She setted a plate of French toast and sausage in front of Bebe. “Thanks mom!” she said to her. Bebe ate the breakfast quickly and hurried outside.

New Bark Town isn’t a very big place. But Bebe has a poor sense of direction. She wandered around the town looking for Professor Elm’s lab. Bebe asked some people around the place and they pointed to the same direction. What Bebe found by following their directions was a BIG building. How could I miss that? She scolded herself. Bebe walked inside.

Inside Professor Elm’s lab was the professor himself and a table with a pokeball on it. The professor was working on a computer. Bebe went up to him. “Hi, I’m here for my Pokemon…..” She told Professor Elm. He looks up from his work. “Ah, so you’re Bebe. Right?” She nodded. Professor Elm sat up from his work and walked over to the table. “Inside the pokeball is your new partner. Go ahead! Open it up!” Bebe took the ball and pressed the silver button. The pokeball opened up and out came an Eevee.

“Veeee! Eeveeee!” it said.

Bebe picked it up. “Aww. You’re so cute!” The Eevee wagged its tail. “Is it a boy or girl?” She asked the professor. “It’s a boy.” He replied. Bebe thought of a name for her new Pokemon. “Your new name is Yearly!” She told Eevee. “Vee!” he said back. Bebe hugged it. “Oh, before I forget, here are some pokeballs to catch Pokemon with.” Professor Elm said. He handed five pokeballs to Bebe. She smiled. “Thanks, but how am I going to carry them?” He thought for a moment. “In a backpack.”

“Mom, do you have any spare backpacks?” Bebe asked her mother. She came home to look for a backpack. “I don’t know honey. But you can use your school backpack.” She answered. Bebe went to her room to grab it. She took one last look at her room. This might be the only time she’ll ever see it again for a long time. “Good bye home.” She murmured to herself. Bebe grabbed her backpack, put the pokeballs inside a pocket of it, and walked outside to start her journey.