View Full Version : In a Martial Art?

04-08-2009, 11:37 PM
I'm curious: What Martial Art do you participate in, if any?

Another question: if the MA categorizes skill by belt levels, what belt/degree are you?

I'm a second degree red belt in TKD... I'm testing for my first degree (degrees are of red, at our school, go in reverse order - from third to first) next Thursday, and I'm testing for my frickin' BLACK belt on August 16... *gulps* Oh my gawd, I'm just so nervous....

<striketroughthatdontwork:[>And if you were wondering why I said "ugh" about Mixed Martial Arts,</strikethrough> well... personally, I despise MMA with a fiery passion. It's altered too much. It's not martial arts- just mainly hand and sometimes throwing techniques. All it looks like is pro wrestling/boxing or something - I mean, c'mon, they barely even kick. It just... seems very unprofessional. If you disagree, I really couldn't care less; may as well not bother posting an argument with me, because there's absolutely no way I'll EVER be swayed away from THAT opinion (I may just ignore it anyways, because I'm VERY closed up inside my own shell about this specific topic). I don't care how good your argument is, or if I sound prejudice for the fact that I've never even tried it, or anything else. I hate it with a burning passion, like I said. It's just not Martial Arts (once again, that's from ME. >_>;).