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Lord Celebi
03-29-2004, 12:49 AM
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I fainted a Shadow Pokemon. Can I get it back?
Yes, but it dpends who's it it. If it was a Peon's you can get it back after you raid the Snagem hideout after you beat Evice.

How do I get Ho-Oh?
Snag and Purify all 48 Pokemon and then win 100 battles in a row at Mount Battle. Ho-Oh will then be transferred to your PC. IF you beat Mt. Battle before getting all 48, you need to beat it again.[/b]

Can I get any non-shadow Hoenn Pokemon in the game?
Yes, Plusle. You get him after you beat Miror B. in Pyrite Cave.

Silva stole a gear? Where the heck do I find it?
Construction Site.

Where do I get Poke/Great/Ultra Balls?
The Shop Keeper in Train Town has em.

How the Heck do I get the elevator key?
First you need to beat Dakim on Mt. Battle and either snagged or fainted Entei. Next go through the secret door in Duking's house. Talk to Secc. Then go to the police station. Give your P*DA number to the chief. Next go to the Shadow Pokemon Lab. You get an e-mail from the chief. Go back to Pyrite and use the jail key on the table to go into the cell with the girls. Press A on the one that's sleeping. Hit yes and you have the Elevator Key! You may now access the Under from Pyrite Building (Next to the bridge, but dont walk across it.

Cologne? Where do I find it?
First you need to of stopped the chaos at Mt. Battle and Snagged or Fainted Entei. Then, in Southeast Agata, a woman will give oyu the cologne case. You can buy 3 different cologne ONLY at Agata Pokemart.

Where do I find Dark Pokemon 48?
Capture all 47 Pokemon excpet Togetic and then you will recieve an e-mail from Shady Character. Meet him at Train Town and he will battle you. Togetic is level 20.

When can I trade Pokemon To R/S/FR/LG/E?
After you beat the 6 Trainers in Realgem Colosseum. You cnat trade Shadows though.

This shall be updated soon. If you have anything to add, PM it to me.

Lord Celebi
03-29-2004, 10:42 PM
What can A Shadow Pokemon not do?
-Level Up
-Have 4 attacks not including Dark Rush
-Be traded to R/S/FR/LG

What's Hyper Mode?
When a Pokemon uses Dark Rush too much, it enters Hyper Mode. You can get it out by calling to it or using cologne on it. In Hyper Mode, Dark Rush does more damage.

What can a Pokemon in Hyper Mode not do?
-Use hold items
-Sometimes; not use other attacks but Dark Rush

What good things does Hyper Mode Bring?
If you call to it, some Dark bar goes down. That's good!

Anything else?

Lord Celebi
03-31-2004, 03:15 AM
How do I purify a Pokemon?
First sang the Pokemon. Then, you must decrease the darkness meter. You can do this by keeping the Pokemon in your Party, Battling with it, Calling out to it when its asleep or in Hyper Mode, and Use Cologne. Then take it to the Shrine in Ageta. It will be a good Pokemon again and lose Dark Rush.

The Types of Cologne please.
Joy Cologne: 600 P
Happiness Cologne: 800 P
Vivid Cologne: 1200 P

Any easy ways of purifying Pokemon?
Put Six full darkbar Shadow Pokemon in your team. Put a book on the controller so you're moving (Or walking into a wall) without you're hands. Lave the Cube on all night or while you're at school. Now take em to the relic after you woke up/came home from school.

Time Flutes?
A time flute instantly purifies one Pokemon no matter how much Darkness is in it. There are 3. You get one after you beat Dakim, and one in The Under. Save one for Tyranitar. The final one is on Mt. Battle's hundredth floor.

Lord Celebi
05-15-2004, 04:14 PM
I killed Miror B.'s Sudowoodo. Where can I catch it again?
You can catch it in Realgem Tower. If you faint it there you can catch it in the Deep Colosseum.

I killed Dakim's Entei. Where can I catch it again?
You can catch it in Realgem Tower. If you faint it there you can catch it in the Deep Colosseum.

I killed Venus's Suicune. Where can I catch it again?
You can catch it in Realgem Tower. If you faint it there you can catch it in the Deep Colosseum.

I killed Ein's Raikou. Where can I catch it again?
You can catch it in Realgem Tower. If you faint it there you can catch it in the Deep Colosseum.

Gonzap's Skarmory, where is it, I killed it the first time.
Team Snagem Base after you beat Evice. You NEED to snag Skarmory to get the D-Disk from Gonzap to get to the Under's Deep Colosseum.

How do I fight Deep King Agnol?
Get the D-Disk from Gonzap in the Snagem base (You must catch his Skarmory). Then go to the Under and put it in. You will be transported to the Deep Colosseum. There are 5 rounds. At the end of each round is a Cipher Admin Boss. At the end of the 5th round, you face Deep Kin Agnol, and he has a Shadow Shuckle.

I killed Angol's Shuckle. I'm conflabbed mad. Where in hey do I get it again?
How unlucky you are. You neeed to beat the netire Deep Colosseum again.

I killed one of the Realgem Six's shadows. Can i get it again?
Battle the Realgem 6 again in Relagam Colosseum.

Lord Celebi
07-25-2004, 03:23 AM
WTF are 'Rare' Pokemon
Colosseum has Data for 448 Pokemon. 385 are normal pokemon, 28 are Unowns, and 35 are Rare Pokemon (They must be damned rare if they have to make completely new data for em). The list of em is as follows:
Rare Venusaur
Rare Charizard
Rare Blastoise
Rare Gyarados
Rare Articuno
Rare Zapdos
Rare Moltres
Rare Mew
Rare Mewtwo
Rare Meganium
Rare Typhlosion
Rare Feraligatr
Rare Noctowl
Rare Raikou
Rare Entei
Rare Suicune
Rare Lugia
Rare Ho-oh
Rare Celebi
Rare Treecko
Rare Grovyle
Rare Sceptile
Rare Torchic
Rare Combusken
Rare Blaziken
Rare Mudkip
Rare Marshtomp
Rare Swampert
Rare Kyogre
Rare Groudon
Rare Rayquaza
Rare Latias
Rare Latios
Rare Jirachi
Rare Deoxys

It is not known how you get em, but if anybody can shark/AR them, PM me with a pic of what they look like and I will put the pic in the FAQ and credit you.

The Celebi Controversy, WTF?
^Yes, I stole parta the title from a thread on SPP.
In the Japanese version of Col. has a bonus disk that you can upload Celebi onto your game after you purify all 48 PKMN. In the Japanese Colo strategy guide, it states there's another way to get it 'sides the disk. IT DOESNT WORK WITH THE AMERICAN VERSION DAMNIT, SO DONT PM ME ABOUT THAT! Yes, you need a Japanese version of Colosseum and the disk to get Celebi.

Lord Celebi
08-05-2004, 09:19 PM
How do I get Infinate Master Balls?
You need 2 Pokemon out. First, for the first Pokemon, Select Items and hit A on Master Ball and choose the Shadow Pokemon. Next, when the other Pokemon's Menu comes up, hit Items and Master Ball should be selected. Hit Y and then hit A on another Ball. Now hit B. Have the Second Pokemon do an attack. You dont lose a ball, but the Shadow Pokemon's caught without fail.

Kan Yozakura: I would just like to point out that this works with any Ball, not just the Master Ball. So, you only have to buy one of each Ball, saving you money for purifying! :D

Can I clone Pokemon?
YES! It has been discovered that if you trade a Pokemon from R/S to Colo, and turn R/S off before it saves, you will have that Pokemon on Colosseum and it will still be on R/S. When R/S Says the file's Corrupted, you open up the backup file, and you should have that Pokemon traded to Colo still on your file.
Game FAQS topic for Refrence: http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/genmessage.php?board=914973&topic=15882305

Watch this post for more glitches as they are found.