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pokemon fan
03-29-2004, 03:35 PM
I have meganium but I cant find the other 2? where are they.

03-29-2004, 09:29 PM
Realgam Tower: (previously the Constuction Site)
You enter Realgam Tower, fight Miror B. on the left room:

S.E. Miror B. - Loudred, Ludicolo, Golduck, Ludicolo, Armaldo
He'll give you the Red ID Badge

Right room:
S.E. Dakim - Forretress, Claydol, Flygon, Whiscash, Houndoom
He'll give you the Green ID Badge

You go in the front room to fight a Cipher battler:

Cipher Peon - Bareru - Dustox, Sludge, Seviper

Go left, then front, then two more Cipher battlers await:
Cipher Peon - Arton - Piloswine, Delibird (Dark 45), Glalie
Cipher Peon - Baila - Sunflora (Dark 45), Gloom, Jumpluff

Go further, fight Venus:
S.E. - Venus - Misdreavus, Bellossom, Raichu, Milotic, Wigglytuff
She'll give you the Blue ID Badge

Go right, right Ein:
S.E. Ein - Magnectric, Pelipper, Rhydon, Crobat, Starmie
He'll give you the Yellow ID Badge

Put all the badges on the wall of the room in between Ein and Venus's chambers and you'll unlock the door. Before you enter, you'll receive Rogan's mail, go back to him get Masterball.

Back to Realgam, go on and you'll battle another Cipher battler:

Cipher Peon - Dioge - Ariados, Masquerain, Heracross (Dark 45)

You then go on to enter a room full of trainers:

Rai - Nuzleaf, Graveller, Hariyama, Lombre
Charis - Octillery, Qwilfish, Seadra, Feraligator
Pain - Lairon, Metang, Mawile
Tirano - Wigglytuff, Loudred
Tres - Cradily, Swalot, Noctowl, Chimecho
Jack - Quagsire, Sandslash, Donphan
Shou - Machoke, Swellow, Ninetales, Magneton
Mystery Troop - Rosso - Grumpig, Muk, Breloom

You'll see Siruba in disguise standing in front of the elevator, he tells you to be careful. You enter the elevator and goes to the upper part of the tower. There you'll fight another trainer in the computer room:

Jack - Vigoroth, Shellgon

Then you see an animation of Nascour going even further up by another elevator. You give chase and Gonzap appears to stop you. He reveals to you that T.Snagem has been working side by side Cipher all along. He fights you:

Snagem Leader - Gonzap - Crawdaunt, Hariyama, Shiftry, Skarmony (Dark 47)

He then leaves and you and Mirei head into the 2nd elevator.
Now you end up in a Colosseum where thousands of people are watching from the bleachers. You fight 4 consecutive trainers before fighting Nascour.

Jonas - Porygon2, Zangoose, Miltank (Dark 48), (Exploud)
Delan - Absol (Dark 46), Grayena, Sharpedo, (Sneasel)
Cipher Peon - Nella - Houndoom (Dark 48), Torkoal, Magcargo, (Ninetales)
Cipher Peon - Ston - Tropius (Dark 49), Cradily, Vileplume, Cacturne, (Sceptile)

*You team gets healed automatically here

CipherNascour - Gardevoir, Walrein, Dusclops, Blaziken, Xatu, Metagross (Dark 50), (Alakazam)

Then the mayor appears from the elevator and walks up to you, revealing himself to be the boss of Cipher, Evice:

Cipher Head - Warudakku - Scizor, Slaking, Machamp, Salamence, Slowking, Tyranitar (Dark 55) , (Aggron)

Afterwards, the police cheriff Hejji, policeman Yuuto, Ginzaru, Siruba, Rogan all appear. Warudakku prepares to escape with a helicopter, but the Ho-oh's cry is heard in the sky and a sacred fire blasts down the helicopter. You tell Evice his evil plan is over now. Rogan says Ho-oh watches over the relationship between human and pokemons, and wouldn't allow such evi things to happen, and that you are now blessed by Ho-oh as it is a rare occasion to see Ho-oh so close up. Ho-oh flies around Realgam Tower and the end credit rolls. Outside-City Stand:
After that, you're back at the stand where you'll receive a mail from the children's network telling you they've recovered more data from the DataRom stolen from the lab. You receive another mail telling you to go back to Masa in Pyrite Town. You beat him and he'll tell you about spotting a trainer with a dark Bayleef (actually, this depends on which you choose at the beginning, I chose Quilava). Then you'll be able to go back to the Team Snagem building you blew up at the beginning of the game. Go there.

Team Snagem Hideout:
Inside, you'll beat a consecutive number of Cipher members and other trainers:

Cipher Peon - Nore - Forretress, Ninjask, Agehunt, Masquerain
Snagem - Bagusa - Vigoroth, Rhyhorn, Grovyle, Zangoose
Cipher Peon - Skrub - Huntail, Wobbuffet, Medicharm, Golem
Cipher Peon - Coruga - Volbeat, Illumise, Ariados
Cipher Peon - Jinni - Vileplume, Roselia, Jumpluff
Cipher Peon - Arton - Sealeo, Piloswine, Glalie
Cipher Peon - Dioge - Masquerain, Forretress, Dustox
Snagem - Beiru - Pelipper, Lanturn, Seadra, Starmie
Mendo - Shellgon, Pupitar, Carvhana, Spinda
Rikaru - Linoone, Poochyena, Grayena, Kadabra
Chento - Linoone, Sandslash, Weezing, Swalot
Snagem - Digitas - Beautifly, Delibird, Swellow, Golbat

Then, you'll find the Greenranger
Mystery Troop - Verde - Muk, Bayleef (Dark 30), Sharpedo, Grumpig

Next, you move to any other region and you'll receive mail telling you to see Zakoru in the JunkShop at The Under. Beat him and he'll tell you about dark Crocronaw (again, depends on your choice). You receive another mail about going to the destroyed lab. You head there.

Dark Pokemon Lab:
You have to beat some Cipher battlers again first before finding the Blueranger at the main control room:

Cipher Peon - Lare - Hounder, Sneasel, Sharpedo, Nuzleaf
Cipher Peon - Vana - Golbat, Swablu, Mawile, Pupitar
Cipher Peon - Kabechi - Masquerain, Rhyhorn, Grovyle
Cipher Peon - Tanie - Delcatty, Linoone, Vigoroth
Cipher Peon - Remil - Swellow, Kadabra, Quagsire, Kecleon
Mystery Troop - Bluno - Crocronaw (Dark 30), Grumpig, Muk, Camerupt

I hope that helps alot.


03-31-2004, 11:41 PM
It helped ME a whole lot!

04-05-2004, 04:10 AM
That is why before I even played the game, I bought the PRima Guide on it for $9.95 and boned up on the technology. Without the guide, I'd still be in OUtskirt Stand wondering the desert! :wall:

04-11-2004, 11:49 PM
How do you quote all that?