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D-zeo man
07-13-2005, 03:50 AM
in this game we try to make the funniest posts that stay on topic. ex. topic: cars I was driving down the road in my new car it was perfect they said that it was a soap box racer it was real small . i decided to buy it. i was driving down the road when an 18-wheeler drove up and came straight towards me. thankfully, the car was so short that i ended up driving right under it. When I got to school everybody made fun of my hair. there phew, I might also say your post has to be in a certain format like if i said rap your post would have to be a rap. now, let`s start the game.

Topic:how long the instructions are

format:your choice

togepi`s best friend
07-13-2005, 03:55 AM
well, the instructions are kinda long. my dad finished a foot-long sub before i before reading the instructions. while i was reading 50 people died of being chewed by snails. while i was reading this my 20-year old brother died of old age.i`m done now.

D-zeo man
07-14-2005, 11:23 PM
okay, new topic.