View Full Version : A beautiful Tech DEMO "NALU - The Sea Princess" by nVIDIA [A MUST WATCH]

Elite Dialga
07-15-2009, 06:05 PM
The purpose of this thread is to show you guys the power of "Graphics", as a graphics enthusiast, I am very much into games, GPUs and anythng related to them, up till now, the most beautiful Graphics Technical Demonstration by nVIDIA (in my opnion) is the "NALU" Tech Demo, NALU is a mermaid and this DEMO shows off the power of the GeForce 6600/6800 GPUs back then, the video Im going to show has been recorded by me and the DEMO was being run in real-time by my GeForce GTS 250.

Here's the link to the high definition video:


ENJOY! :wink:

Oh and please do not hesitate to comment, if you like :)