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D-zeo man
07-15-2005, 06:26 PM
I haven`t seen anything about ghosts so I decided to make a thread about them. In this thread you can tell ghost stories that really happened or are a fake just be sure to put (f) for false and (t) for true so we know the difference. (t) one day I was home alone when the lights turned off all of a sudden. I looked outside and it was sunny. I looked around for the fuse box when I saw my compass. The needle wasn`t pointing north it was pointing south. I picked up the compass looking around and it lead me to our bathroom. I looked in and that`s when i made my mistake. There was this ball of glittery smoke. I checked the compass and reliazed that the power went off because a ghost went entered my house and it`s magnetic force turned off the lights. here comes the mistake: I paniced i threw my compass at the ghost it went right through. He got mad and grabbed the towel holder and started swinging at me. I ran into my room grabbed my flashlight and shined it at the ghost. the ghost dissapeared and the lights went on.

07-16-2005, 09:28 AM
Mine is True:
Okay i live with my mom and sister we all have rooms on opposite side of the house and everynight i go to bed around 2:00AM and my mom will get up and there was a shadow in our hallway that just stands there it is a woman with long hair and a little kid they just stand there and watch my mom.The next day she had told us about it and i did not believe her.The following night i went to bed at the same time and my sister had woke up and a tall man was there looking at her you could see the shadow of the man and i was in my room the whole night.She had told us about it and they gotmad at me for not believeing them and then they told me to sleep in there side of the house that next night and i did my sister and i switched rooms for the night i got up in the night to get some water and i was comeing back to bed and i got a feeling i was beening watch and i opened my eyes and there was a woman at the door i got scared but did not think anything of it i thought i was imagineing it so i went to the living room and fell asleep and i opened my eyes again and there were 3 people on the couch right across from me and i turned on turned on the light and i did notsee anything(we had nothing on the couch).But my mom will see a woman and a child still watching her and a man watches my sister every so often