View Full Version : PMD 2: When the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICK do I evolve?!? (Also I have a rescue)

07-31-2009, 04:37 PM
Sorry, I don't know if I'm allowed to say the "H-word" on this forum since there's some kids on it... :goofy:

M'kay. So I heard that after you torowned Darkrai's face you can evolve. YEAH, RIGHT.

"We have tried going back to Luminous Spring since then..."

I was just looking at the back of the Darkness box the other day, and it showed a Chimchar and Pikachu with Palkia recruited. The thing is... THEY WERE IN THEIR 80's! When the HECK will my partner and I be able to evolve?!?


I just stole a whole bunch of sweet crap (DeepSeaScale, Mossy Rock, Magmarizer, Razor Claw, etc.) from Kekleon so I lost all my Reviver seeds, but made it out alive. Then a Primeape used Counter, and I was an idiot and thought Brick Break broke Counter for some reason, and then I died. I would've stopped to restart if I didn't get all my evolution things. This is on PMD2 if you haven't realized that yet. PMD1 I am pretty much done.

Please save me. :eek:

God, I hate entering these things... :dazed:

Shimmer Hill 15F


If you don't have Shimmer Hill, here is the code for the mission (which I'm actually on right now only it's with Spoink and I found it on the board):

Client: Magcargo
Objective: Explore with Magcargo.
Place: Shimmer Hill
Restrictions: None
Difficulty: *4 (400)
Reward: ???
Wonder Mail:
M P 5 5 1 0 F 4 2 6 H T
T P 1 S 4 F M F & K S J