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Conversation Between TeirusuFX and George Jefferson
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  1. George Jefferson
    08-20-2009 10:52 PM
    George Jefferson
    I'll never beat Disgaea DS. I have no patience with the Item World.
  2. TeirusuFX
    06-19-2009 04:00 PM
    The bad thing about that is they only accept 200 levels at a time (in Disgaea 2).

    To get everything maxed will take forever.

    In Disgaea 1 however, the stat bonus you can get is immense. :P
  3. George Jefferson
    06-19-2009 03:57 PM
    George Jefferson
    Disgaea, there's always a challenge for you. Maybe.

    Getting 9999 isn't that bad. Transmigrate and check out your stats.

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