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Conversation Between darthcrawford and Broc
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  1. Broc
    03-16-2010 09:09 AM
    yo im back from a small break sorry so what pokemon did u want 4 the ones ur holding?
  2. darthcrawford
    02-24-2010 12:30 AM
    I have those pokemon ready when you want to trade. I only need bulbasaur squirtle and chickorita now but if you have a torchic or treeko i still need them too
  3. darthcrawford
    02-20-2010 08:40 PM
    don't need the chimchar. I forgot it was my starter
  4. darthcrawford
    02-20-2010 04:01 AM
    the other two I have to breed and will take a lil but. I got a lot of trades going on
  5. darthcrawford
    02-20-2010 04:00 AM
    I have growlithe and rattata(who I nicknamed Mickey when I got him a while back). I can rename If you want
  6. darthcrawford
    02-20-2010 03:29 AM
    k. I gotta long list of trades but it should be ready within 2 hours at the least
  7. darthcrawford
    02-20-2010 02:40 AM
    what do you want for them all I really have right now is eevee's I also have masterballs and tm's.

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