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This is a cult for people who know that Pokémon exist.
12 1 42 0
02:57 AM
For people who like Pokemon(duh, or u wouldnt be here) and wolves
7 1 41 0
02:43 AM
Operators are standing by for your contribution to our cause.
45 2 40 0
04:58 AM
Joined the URPG? You are welcomed with open arms into this clubs. Discuss your latest stories, ask questions about the rules, ask for grades, learn new story-writing tips, even show off your Pokemon, and much, much more!
93 1 40 0
02:56 AM
stand up against the quietness!!!
8 1 40 0
01:02 AM
Much like the CIA, our duty is to protect this forum from serious threats and hostile organizations and to aquire intelligence on possible threats. We had a couple of detachments in Serebii and Smogon: the "Smogon Secret Intelligence Service" and the "Serebii Secret Intelligence Service" (both of which were abbreviated "SSIS"). However, due to an unprovoked "Mass Deletion" wave that occured on Serebii, that detachment no longer exists. Motto: "Intelligence, Precision, Execution, Motivation." *Note: It is MANDATORY that all recruits register a Position upon acceptance into the Agency. Current Alliances: Team Rocket Corporation Team Magma
12 10 39 0
09:27 AM
any one who is pokemon crazy like me well come here and we can talk pokemon and give tips
15 1 39 0
05:50 AM
Where the authors of stories and poems...And everything in between come to chat, and otherwise plot on how to horribly mutilate their characters. Oh yeah, and spoilers - the villain dies at the end! :O
11 2 38 0
05:26 PM
The Pokerus League is now closed on PE2K; for simplicity purposes it has been relocated the the official website of the Pokerus Empire, here: Link back to the .:PöKéRuS Empire:.
20 15 38 0
10:17 PM
Always go for the gold.
8 1 38 0
05:02 AM
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