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Default Re: Sailing the Seas

CHAPTER 2: The Deep Ocean - Part 1

The ball clicked. It became silent until Captain Squall said,
"So, who wants it?" Susaka immediately raised his hand, unknowing what Captain Squall meant. Rousseau replied responsibly,
"What do you mean, 'who wants it'?" Susaska then lowered his hand a bit and was about to say something but was cut off by Captain Squall saying,
"Here you go Susaska, and I meant, who wants it." Captain Squall gave the Pokeball to Susaska which held the Chinchou. Susaska looked at the Pokeball intensely and then opened it. Susaska like having his Pokemon out a lot. The Chinchou came out and rubbed its head. It was still in a little bit of pain, and it was a bit confused about what just happened.
"You're my new Pokemon now Chinchou. Here I want you to meet my other Pokemon, Sphe-" Susaska had just remembered he had put Spheal away in his Pokeball the night before. He quickly stumbled threw his pockets and found the red and white Pokeball. He pushed the button and out rematerialized Spheal.
"This is Spheal, and Spheal, This is Chinchou." The angler Pokemon looked at Spheal and soon smiled. Spheal was clapping and smiled right off the bat.
"Well they seam like good friends to me already, right Susaska, Rousseau?" Captain Squall chimed. Susaska watched as the two Pokemon played and nodded quickly. Rousseau nodded just to get the question out of the way to ask his question,
"Do I get a Pokemon?" Captain Squall turned at his and said gaily,
"Sure you do. You have Dewgon!" Rousseau looked at Captain Squall with confusion.
"You have Seadrea, and Susaska has Spheal. You have Dewgon, and Susaska now has Chinchou. It's all fair dear boy." Rousseau sighed knowingly that it was all true.

Captain Squall then turned toward the open sea and said,
"I think it is time to go. We should go know out to the wondrous place known as the sea. She's waiting for us to rid her waves, and to sail on he back. The deep sea just wants us to dive under and explore what needs to been seen." Susaska looked outward at the sea and envisioned himself diving on a Wailord with his Chinchou to light the way ahead. Rousseau crossed his arms and then remembered his mission and said,
"Will we be passing uh, 48 latitude, and 43 longitude?" Captain Squall lured toward him and said,
"I don't know, will we?" Rousseau sighed, then smiled at the joke Captain Squall had just made.
"I hope we do." Rousseau thought to himself.
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