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Default Re: PE2K Poll (April) - #2: How interested would you be for a Pokemon Pinball sequel?

They totally should I love the first game whenever I went to my friends to sleep over we would be up playing till like 3A.M because we never saved it.

Lol I remember I could never beat his surfing pikachu pic. But he could never beat my moltres or Lapras ones.

I only regret that I never got to see or snap a pic of Mew He said that Mew went into a rainbow ball to avoid being snapped is that true?

I think it'd be an awesome idea if they brought the original snap to the DS so you can play the original wherever you go.

Anyway to the point, Yes, it would be the best thing in the world if they made a snap for the new seasons but as 3 different games like 1 for Jhoto another for Hoenn and then later this year 1 for Sinnoh.

Or all three I wouldn't care, it'd be awesome Taking pics of Deoxys and Rayquaza battling in the sky while Jirachi flew past you.

Or like one of those underwater glass tunnels like in aquariums where Manaphy would swim by with Kyoger in the backround and a school of Relicanth.

Also in a dark forest setting where you pass a giant tree in the middle with Celebi buzzing around it and some Beutifly and Heracross around it.

Anyway Yes it would be awesome.