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Default Re: Caption Contest .6999999999999

First one: Host: I bet you never thought that Loudred ate so many unnesscary and non-edible items.

Second One: Togepi: ATTACK!
Mewtwo: NO! Wait! I am your father!
Togepi: Or are you you?
Mewtwo: Good question.
[The Pkoemon swarm him]
Mewtwo: NOOOO! I am your father!
Hello! I'm new to this forum! But I have some Pokemon with me. Meet Pyro the Charmnder and Gifty the Dragonite!

Pyro: Hi.

Gifty: Hello. I'm Gifty, pleased to meet you. I am a fun-loving Dragonite that also loves chess. But Tag is entertaining as well I also like cheese. Ha-

Okay, Gifty! Anyway, that's us!

Pyro: ...Hi. I'm Pyro. I-

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