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Default Re: Fan Fic Announcements and feedback

I'm gonna make an ed edd n eddy/pokemon crossover.(not entirely my idea got it from someones fic can't remember his name. He was from serebii ponly he had sonic the hedghehog in that fic.)
Here's a spoiler.
Said a short kid with three hairs.
"Your voice can be so irritating at time Eddy.'' Said a middle-sized brainiac with a stocking cap.
"Whaddyu know Double-D? You don't know anything about scams. But I got it. We'll sell scams for cash.
Every kid on the block will wanna try 'em out. What do you think Ed?"
"Nothing at all. 'Eh slowpoke?"
A pink curly-eared pokemon just said "DUHH."
"SELLING SCAMS?!!!??? That is highly illogical. If you think you're about to re-enact an
endeavor that has already been reinforced without the civilians becoming a little bit suspicious,
then you have a rod hanging over your three hairs." Said Double-d.
"My whats hanging over my what?" Asked Eddy a bit disgusted over what he thought he heard.
"Anyway we have your meowth and its pay-day attack. It can come up with 2 dollars worth of coins." Double-d continued.
"EDDWARD YOU ARE A GENIUS!" yelled eddy."Come on out Meowth!"
(pg of course for crude humor)
Also expect a yugioh fic. Jaden yukis son Jordan. And a naruto fic is in my brain. An alternate path of Gaara. If someone actually loved him when he was 6.
If you love rap/hip-hop you have to listen to this one. PM me to tell me whatchu think. I think Ludacris made another future chart-topper with this ****.^^-Anti-bullying Campaign-^^
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