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Default Re: Trevor's Tornado Life

Continued Part
They pulled around spinning. They looked down with a gulp. They got out and ran to a woods like area. Then trevor got hid foot caught bewtween a rock.

"Help me," Trevor said.

The tornado was spinning there way then it threw a tree. Trevor ducked almost getting hit then he looked at them. Sherry ran over trying to un jam his foot. Then she looked it was coming real close. Then she pulled it. They ran deep in the forest then they looked back. They saw something big headed there way. They jumped down. Then a metal building when flying around them. Soon when they started running there was a human body flying toward them. SWOSH they dead body landed. They they ran some more.

"What do we do!!??"screamed Britney. "I don't think we're safe,"

"Duh we're not safe," said Trevor

Then they ran into a conveinent little building that had stairs.They looked as something flew in threw the window as Trevor's head fit threw.

"Whoah," he yelled. "Quick Ref." then they ran out and watched the tornado disapear. They got to the truck.

This time they were not going to the lab they were going to where they study at.

Sorry that if my words are wrong because I don't have Microsoft Word to check and to page my work like I used to!

Chapter One Is Up!
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