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Default My Stats

Name: Shadow From The Deep

Instant Messenger Names:
Lilray6890 (AIM)

I currently have $7250

Wins/Loss/Draw 14/42/1

I am currently a Trainer


Gender: Male
Battles: 10/17/1
TM's learned: (Thunderbolt)
Ability: Levitate
Obtained: Starter

Gender: Male
Battles: 3/7/0
Tm's learned:{Psycic}[Giga Drain]
Ability: Chlorophyll
Obtained: Mart

Gender: Female
Battles: 1/7/0
Tm's learned:[Giga Drain]
Ability: Swarm
Obtained: Story Big Bug Scare

Gender: Male
Battles: 1/11/0
Tm's learned:
Ability: Levitate
Obtained: Mart

Any unused items you currently have-
Used TMs/HMs: (Thunderbolt) [Giga Drain x2]{Psycic}
Any badges you currently have
Kanto- None
Vpp HoF

Hatch: 1545
Pikachu: 1590
Raichu: 1650
Done: 1830


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