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Default Pokemon TCG: Playing Just for Fun, and Learning, Too!

Pokemon TCG: Playing Just for Fun, and Learning, Too!

The Edmonton Journal has an interesting article about a reporter's experience playing the Pokemon TCG with his son:

The Edmonton Journal: Playing Just for Fun, and Learning, Too
It’s spring break, and I’m sitting on the kitchen floor surrounded by an astounding array of otherworldly creatures. My son is groaning, rolling his eyes, and muttering, “You just don’t get it.” I think he’s just about reached his breaking point with me. He valiantly attempts, once again, to explain the intricate rules of Pokemon to his aging, dim-witted crone of a mother.

I never win when we play Pokemon. I grew up playing card games. I should be good at this. I recall long winter afternoons of canasta, rummy, and crazy 8s played with my brother and dad.


As our kids grow, their games change, and we start to realize that the real fun often lies in releasing our stodgy, stuffy adult ideals of play. They’re thrilled when we get on their level, physically and mentally; play the games they enjoy or, even better, make up; and let them direct the play.

Which brings us back to Pokemon. I’d be misleading you if I claimed to love the bizarre multitude of creatures and attacks involved in that game, but here I am, launching a blistering volley of “tail whips” from my Wartortle, in a vain attempt to defend myself from his Geodude’s “stone barrage.”

Do I understand any of this?

Not really. But hey, my son is adding up our points at lightning speed (math skills), reading all kinds of complex words (language skills), trying very hard to help me (honesty, fairness, and kindness) get a toehold in the quagmire of rules — and I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

Let the games begin.
To read the entire article, go here: Playing Just for Fun, and Learning, Too

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