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Default Re: Back to the Crystal Fortress - The Unowns Return (PG...?)

Chapter 10: Truth Unveiled? Almost.

“Got him,” said A triumphantly as it entered the doors of the auditorium.

“YES!” the Unowns shouted.

“Nice work, Allen,” said P. “But EVERYONE knows you wouldn’t have succeeded if it wasn’t

for that spiffy human look.” The Unowns laughed.

“AND it was ME who actually trained that Tropius.”

“Okay, enough of your bragging,” said A. “We succeeded. I’ll go put him in the hostage


“Do you really think this is gonna work?” asked G. “Will they give back the item?”

“I think so,” said P. Then it took on an evil glint. “But now, it isn’t about the Restoring

anymore. We need to do something to punish those humans. For treating us like this. Like

outcasts. We need to punish.”

The Unowns waited patiently for a plan.

“What the hell? What’s with the bubble?” asked Wallace angrily to the Unown floating

easily above the shield. Y had obviously had more training in abduction than A – this was

an 18 year old, and it didn’t feel a bit tired. Nevertheless it answered in a bored tone

through the translating machine.

“What’s with the bubble? The bubble is what keeps you above the ground,” said Y. “Sure, I

can get rid of it. But only if you want 206 broken bones. We’re on very high altitude,” it

added scientifically.

“Dammit, no,” shouted Wallace in frustration. “I mean WHY THE F*** AM I IN THIS


“Wouldn’t you like to know,” replied Y in an ‘Yvonne’ voice.

“Ohhhh…” said Wallace in realization. “You were Yvonne on the beach…” Then he switched

back to anger. “What, you think this is funny? You b**ch! Let me outta here. RIGHT

NOW.” Those same words reflected a much more enraged mood than Brendan had said it.

Still, Y wasn’t intimidated. I am, after all, an Unown, it thought.

“Patience, dude,” it said calmly. “We’ll get there. Any day now.”

They headed on to the auditorium.

“Dude, don’t you think that’s a little harsh?” asked L.

“Nothing’s harsh enough,” replied P coldly. “We have to make them realize that they’re

not the police of the world.”

“But we’re killing innocent humans!” said F.

“No human is innocent. Every one of them has done at least one thing to harm us or our

existence,” said P.

“We’re not participating in this,” shouted the Unowns.

“Too late,” said P lightly. “I believe Y has already taken action into my plan.”

The Unowns groaned. “How will we live with ourselves?” cried L.

“A normal life, my friend,” said P. “Just day after day.” It paused. “Let’s go check on the

hostages, kay?”

The Unowns reluctantly followed P into the hostage room.

“Oh, so THAT explains that screeching-radio voice coming from here,” commented E.

Brendan was furiously kicking at the ropes and screaming. His eyes were even redder

than Z’s, who had just finished crying after a scolding from Y. “Bad Unown!” he was

screaming. “Let me outta here. NOW! I WANT MY MOMMY!”

“Sigh. I pity the poor thing,” said P. “NOT.”

“Oh, for one split second I actually thought you had a heart,” snapped A.

“And who said you did?” retorted P.

“Geez louise, at least let me understand what you’re saying!” yelled Brendan. “Or LET ME


“Not a chance, girlfriend,” replied P through its machine.

Suddenly the Unowns heard a slamming of the door to the auditorium.

“They’re back!”


“Y and the blue-haired guy.”

Brendan sat up abruptly. “You mean Wallace?”

P snickered. “Thanks for telling me his name, kid.”

Brendan winced. “Argh…”

“Didn’t your mother teach you not to talk to strangers?” said B.

“You shut up about my mommy!” said Brendan angrily.

“Or you’ll do what?” asked A.

2 second silence.

“See?” laughed A. “He aint got an answer. Okay, let’s go congratulate Y!” The Unowns,

happy again, chirped in agreement and flew out the hostage room.

“Nice work, Yvonne!” shouted A, slapping Y on the back. “I never thought you’d actually


“To be quite honest, I thought it was an awesome experience,” Y said with a smile on its

face. “I’d never battled before, not even as an Unown, and I thought it was a twist on my

usually boring life.” Y turned and shot P a ‘you-shut-up-about-it’ glare, that which only

lasted for a second.

“Let’s take a look at the hostage,” exclaimed the Unowns, excited.

All the Unowns crowded around the bubble, and oohed and ahhed. Wallace was obviously

more interesting than Brendan. (Author’s note: That I can’t

understand. I know Wallace has blue hair, but doesn’t Brendan have white hair? Which is more interesting, blue or


“Looks like he’s scared,” said P.

“First time he’s seen us all together,” said J, who’s eye was also red.

Wallace was pretty awed all right. It WAS the first time he’d seen all of the Unowns, all 26

letters, together. But about 10 seconds later, the awe wore off and back came frustration

and anger.

“DAMMIT! Stupid unowns!!! Let me outta here!” He turned and saw Y laughing, and flipped

it off. That only made the Unowns laugh harder.

“Don’t you feel dumb flipping off an Unown?” said P.

“You’re pretty cheeky, Wallace, eh?” said B.

“How the f*** do you know my name?” shouted Wallace. Then he turned in his bubble.

Glared at Brendan. Brendan winced again.

Nice work, jackass, thought Wallace. If I was anonymous it’ll be easier to get outta here.

“Well, it wasn’t my fault!” cried Brendan. “We’d still have a chance.”

To Wallace, it sounded like he was actually answering to his thoughts. Crazy idea, he

thought. He shook it off.

“Okay, Unowns, time to let me out of this bubble,” he said.

“Sure, man,” said Y. “It’s not like it’ll actually HELP you or anything.”

The bubble disappeared and Wallace fell onto the ground with a thump.

“Why are you doing this to us?” he demanded. “What exactly did we do to you?”

“Ah,” said P calmly. “I guess it’s time for you ‘rescuers’ to know the truth.”

“Kay, we’re ready,” said Wallace.

“Nope, not in here,” said X. “Hostage room.”

“Take ’em, fellas!” cackled P.


And that's it for the 10th chapter. I almost made it to 3 pages. If you ask me, this chapter is like a bridge between two stories. There's not much to write...

But anyways, keep reading, I'll be back with a more exciting story in Chapter 11.
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