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Default Re: Fire Red/Leaf Green to be Released Soon?

Originally Posted by boltAge

We have 5 more months to wait. It's also released the same month as my Birthday, but no, I'm not going to bother buying it. I'm just wondering, how hard does it take to translate some stupid code into English? 5 months(or more, since FRLG has been released for a long time) is too much, fans can't wait that long anyway. This is proof Nintendo sucks at releasing games
Well Raik, the games are written in Hexadecimal code (Like any other program). A Letter of the Alphabet within the game is actually a sprite. Each sprite as a value, ie in Pokemon FR/LG, the value BB refers to the letter A in the english Alphabet. Nintendo have to translate each Hexadecimal value for the Japanese text into the Values for the english text (Its a little bit easier, since the English text is already programmed into the game). We're talking about hundreds of Pokemon names, Attacks, Items, and Peoples text, as well as descriptions, the Pokedex, etc. It can take up to a year to translate a game, and i personally know how hard it is. Believe me Raik, they'd be lucky if they did get it completed within 5 Months, but then they might have to add extra values for more text within the game, resulting in them having to recode it, which would just add to the time till complete translation. Don't complain until you know how hard it is... :P

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