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Default Ocean of Chac

The Stones of Power
Part Two:

The Ocean of Chac
Chapter One: A Narrow Escape

By Leman

Ready For Grading

We raced through the hole, that the rampaging Tyranitar had made, and through a short tunnel. The entire mountain shook, with bubbling, and thrashing of the recently awakened volcano. Rocks the size of small Geodude fell from the ceiling, and crashed on the ground, sometimes narrowly missing me or one of the others. Vibrava was hovering frantically at my feet, not wanting to be left behind in the volcano, and Dragonair had curled around my waits. The tunnel took a sharp left, and we followed. Tongo spotted something at the end of the tunnel. He pointed, and yelled, “Light!”

We all saw the large rectangle of light shimmering at the end of the tunnel, and continued running towards it. The five of us burst through the doorway, and into the light of the outside. We kept running, until we felt that we were a safe distance away, and stopped to catch our breath. I put my hands on my knees, and faced the large fiery mountain, and heard it grumble, as thick black puffs of smoke began to billow out of the sides of the mountain. It grumbled some more, and my nostrils were filled with an ashy, smoky smell. Then the mountain exploded, hurling boulders the size of large Graveler. Hot, orange lave oozed out of the caldera, and flowed steadily down the side of the mountain, as ash poured into the sky.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” I said quietly to the others. I recalled Vibrava and Dragonair, and they disappeared in a flash of light. I then, turned around and began to run back to town.

It took us about five minutes to get down to the town and the cloud of ash now cover the entire island. Ash, and soot fell from the huge cloud. Everyone who was outside, raced into their homes, and barricaded their doors. There was loud hacking cough, and someone who called out, “Leman!”

I turned and saw Professor Oak running up to me, his normally steel grey hair, as blask as night, covered in filthy ash.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yeah we are. Just dirty, and a bit shaken. Why are you here?” I asked.

“Can’t talk right now. I have another Professor in the boat, and he must talk with you!” he said, and hurried off towards the shore.

We were hesitant to follow him, until he yelled, “Come on! There is an erupting Volcano on this island!”

This pretty much made up all three of out minds, and we hurried off towards him. All four of us jumped in the boat, which was already occupied by a couple people. The first was an unfamiliar face. He had a long white beard, and wore a purple robe that covered his entire body. He wore a pair of square glasses, with a gold rim. He sort of reminded me of Professor Dumbledore from the book Harry Potter, but he was not wearing a wizard’s hat, and looked very stern.

The other man I had seen before. It was Juan from the Sootopolis gym. As we got in the boat, he said, “Hello Leman. Long time no see.”

“Enough with the greetings,” said the old man in a harsh, horse voice. “We must go! Juan, step on it!”

The three of us sat across from the elderly man, and Professor Oak, on long squishy seat, and in between us was a large hole that opened up to the ocean. There was no fish, and the water was black. Oak began to speak first.

“Well, as you know, Anyunkoko has destroyed The Stone of Light fire. These rocks are indispensable to the balance of nature. They are like supports on a bridge, and with each one gone; the bridge world gets closer and closer to falling in the river. That caused that volcanic eruption. It was considered extinct until it erupted. Now-,” he said, but was interrupted by the elderly man.

“Now, Anyunkoko is running around the globe, in search of the Stones!” interrupted the Old man.

Then Oak began to speak. “I forgot to introduce you! Children, this is Doctor George Iwa.” He pointed to the elderly man, and then to Juan. “That is Juan of the Sootopolis gym. As I was saying, Anyunkoko is looking for all the stones. Most of which he knows the location to. How many did he reveal to you?”

“Ummm, four. Ice, Water, Earth, and Fire,” I replied, uncertainly.

“You forgot Lightning,” said Nina.

“Right, then,” said Oak. He paused to think, and brushed some soot of his steel gray hair. It landed in the water, and blurred into it. Then he continued to talk. ”There are actually seven,” he said.

“Fire, Water, Air, Ice, Lightning, Earth, and Ice,” recited Juan from the driver’s seat.

“Right,” grunted Iwa.

“Yes, those are it. To get these stones, Anyunkoko invented Noxious Gas, and I know that you have had a run in with that before. He knows that we are in hot pursuit of him, and has used this Noxious Gas on many, many Pokemon, so they can either attack us, or help him gain the stones. You all will need to capture them, erase the effects,” explained Oak.

Then, something clicked in side of my head, like a spark of hope for the Houndour that I had captured. Maybe it had just been gassed, and was not evil at all. I asked them.

“Does that mean the Houndour I caught isn’t evil?” I asked curiously.

“No he’s evil,” growled Iwa.

Well, there went my hopes.

“I have brought thing for you two,” said Oak, when Nina grunted.

“Oh,” he said. “Hello there, I didn’t notice you.”

“This is Nina,” said Tongo quickly. “Nina, this is Professor Oak.”

“Hi,” she grumbled.

“Well,” he said, “I have for all of you. Leman, take these three Pokeballs. They contain Ariados, Tailow, and Zubat. I took them from your house.”

“I trained them up a bit,” said Juan proudly, and I thanked him. Professor Oak continued.

“And, I would like to give you this Pokemon. It is a Ludicolo. He will certainly help you later on. Tongo, you must take Primeape. With the abundance of Dark Pokemon that will be running around, he will become an almost necessity. Nina, you may receive a Lapras, to help us get around, if this boat fails. “

“Thank you!” we all chimed, and stuffed our Pokemon in our pockets.

“Also, I expect Anyunkoko to intoxicate more Pokemon that you can carry. So, I give you this,” said the Professor, handing us a small block, the size of a Pokeblock. “This device can carry 50 Pokeballs, for you, making the total you can carry 56. Go ahead, and load your Pokeballs.”

I dropped six of my Pokemon into the case, including Ariados, Vibrava, Houndour, Mareep, Tailow, and Ludicolo. They fell into the case, there was a quick flash of light, and the ball disappeared.

“If you press the button, and call out a Pokemon’s name, the Pokeball will fall out,” explained Oak.

“I see,” said Tongo.

Suddenly there was soft thud from one side of the boat, and another from the other side. A third came from the back of the boat, and was much stronger. The entire boat rocked and Nina screamed and nearly fell over. Oak, Iwa, Tongo and I looked over and saw four red, scaly fish in the water.

Their eyes looked red, and irritated, and they seemed to be gnawing on the sides of the boat. Their fins drooped on their sides, and thy looked exhausted. Both the Professor were startled at the sight of Magickarp trying to eat through the side of the hull, but their reactions were polar opposites.

Professor Oak put his wrinkled hand on his soot covered, steel gray hair, and said, “Remarkable! A school of Magickarp that are unafraid to attack boats. Wait a second, their eyes are red, and they aren’t attacking that boat over there, and it is full of fish.” He pointed to a Fishing boat a couple feet away from us. “Wow, Anyunkoko makes his first strike on use with a Magickarp.” He began to laugh. Juan chuckled also.

Doctor Iwa, on the other hand leaned over the sides of the boat and began to scream at the fish, shout all sorts of terrible curse words at them. He was completely infuriated.

Nina whispered to me, “That guy has some vocabulary, doesn’t he?” I laughed.

Juan turned to us. “Well,” he said, “Catch them. It will test your abilities to catch the Pokemon.”

“Okay,“ we all said, uncertainly.

Nina took the one on the right, with her knew Lapras, while Tongo took the fish on the left with his Gyarados. I was left with the two in front.

“Come on out, Dragonair,” mumbled, tossing the spherical Pokeball into the water. My blue and white Dragon appeared in the water, and spotted the two fish. As the pair of Magickarp saw Dragonair, they began to growl. They turned to face it, staring him down, angrily.

I saw that they each had six long sharp teeth protruding from their mouths. They were white, and pointy. The two fish growled, and charged at Dragonair, and making awkward noises, that almost sounded like they were barking. They swiftly tore through the water, and towards Dragonair. The long, slender dragon dove down into the water, and the fish tore after him.

Dragonair resurfaced quickly, and jumped high into the air, into the soot filled sky, as the chomping Magickarp followed.

“Dragon Rage!” I called out to him, and Dragonair faced the two fish. A jet of hot, stinging, blue flames poured out of Dragonair’s mouth, and stuck both fish, sending them back into the water.

“Yes!” I cried happily, and then said, “Good Job. Follow up with a Slam.”

As Dragonair fell, he lifted up his tail, and brought it swishing down into the water, along with his entire bodyweight. Water sprayed up around him, some landing in the boat, while the rest fell back into the black ocean The tail obviously contacted with the fish, because I heard two muffled yelps from the water. I noticed that Dragonair’s usually Blue and White hide had turned into a grey, and grayish blue. The glassy blue ball on his neck however remained the same shiny blue.

Dragonair then began to howl. It sounded like a screeching sound, of pain, misery and woe. He lifted his tail out of the water, and clamped to the end of it were the two Magickarp-wolves. I noticed that the two glassy balls on his tail were not grayish either. The Magickarp were also covered in the grayish black soot. Red blood oozed out of the wounds that their teeth had made.

Dragonair was furious. Without my command, he quickly whipped his tail, sending the two fish into the boat, with a slight thud, and them started to nurse his wounds. The Magickarp landed next to my feet, and they flopped around pointlessly, almost like Tongo’s Feebas.

A slight breeze picked up, as I took out two of my Pokeballs, and tossed them at the fish. The Magickarp were sucked up, and the to Pokeballs shook. Professor Oak watched anxiously, with his had on his steel grey hair, to see if my attempt had succeeded.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Ready For Grading!!

2 Magickarp=10k
Total characters w/out spaces = 8.5k
Total characters w/spaces = 10.5k

Ive already named them. Jaws and Tuna.

Done: 8680

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