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Default Re: Pokemon: Spolier Chit-Chat

Originally Posted by (~Aleyquala~)
Well, here's some information about the next episode, "Papa Is Idol!? False Gym Leader!!"

It seems as though James is acting as the gym leader, Norman. Jesse plays his wife, Caroline. Meowth plays May, while Wobbuffet plays Max.
Now, its already telling you something is wrong: May is actually shorter than Max? That was a MAJOR clue.

But, basically Norman steps in with his Slaking and Slaking delivers a Focus Punch to blast them off. Norman was probably an Idol and they maybe discovered about it.
I can already tell you what's wrong with the plot:
The people of Petalburg REALLY haven't heard of Team Rocket and must be blind to not notice 'something is wrong when May is short, Max and tall', and when you see them later, May is back to being tall and Max is back to being short! It's really amazing NOBODY would notice something is wrong with this picture, but thankfully, James is not dressing as a woman again! Can you imagine him trying to be Caroline?! For Ash and co. not to notice something is way off with this picture, somebody better have logic behind their writing. It's funny, but the story can border on sloppy writing if nobody has a logical explanation WHY Team Rocket impersonates May and her family. Better not be another lame attempt to steal the Pikachu! Have something like they are trying to disqualify May from entering contests so Jessie could win or something, I could live with that!
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