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Default Re: Your Game Stats

Wow last post is old but oh well Anyway here is my top three team members


Leader:Chris the squirtle(Lv 45 but didn't feel like evolving)

Partners:(Top two)Sparky(lv46) the Pikachu and Roder(lv45) the Flygon

Playtime:Don't remember. I know I beat the game(Rayquaza) in about 2 weeks or less.
I'd say maybe like around 40 hours?

Adventures:I'd guess about 190 or 200?



And I don't wanna post all of my other recruites.

I started a new game as Machop and my partner is squirtle and I got to sky temple in just a week, not even 25 hours of play, but now I'm stuck at the summit with the ongoing 28th floor!
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