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Scourge of Nemo's Fanfiction

Writer Since April 14 2007, 6:43 GMT

<| Author Specs §

Pen Name: Scourge of Nemo; Skoteinos Metamfiezomai on
Instant Messenger: ojajrrj

<| Story Specs §

Title: Administration of a Legend
Fandom: Pokémon
Status: Hiatus
Summary: Rocket is destroyed. Chrono is rising. Magma is alone. Aqua is refusing. When Giovanni is brutally murdered, what effect will it have on the people around it? What will become of Aqua and Magma? Will Chrono conquer them all?
Rating: PG-13: blood/violence and slight innuendo
Genre: Action/adventure and mild romance
Pairings: N/A

Title: Almost Always
Fandom: Death Note
Status: Complete
Summary: The story of a self-centered savior in snippets of his life
Rating: PG: insinuated blood/gore and {hopefully} intense situations
Genre: Alternate-Universe drabbles with some abstract soul-searching
Pairings: Light/Misa or Light/L if you squint (neither were intended)

Title: Whispers in the Dark
Fandom: Death Note and The Darkangel Trilogy
Status: In-Progress
Summary: “’What am I?’ I am an Icarus, a member of the proud race of Darkangels, black gods from the deepest pits of hell come to enact divine judgment on the human race; a monstrous beast who steals the souls of maidens and drinks their blood as a toast to mortality. As for ‘Who am I?’…. The world calls me Judah, but to those few who know me I am known as L.”
Rating: PG-13: blood/violence, mild language, mild romance,
Genre: Alternate-Universe conglomeration of action, deeply-seated vendetta, romance, and horror
Pairings: None [At this point]
Links: CLICK

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