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Default Re: Legend Defender

Originally Posted by Robert the War Lord View Post
1) If it can't be used in a LD battle, then what's the use of the legendary? :o

2) Can these legends also be used in the URPG, or are they strictly for LD battles? (but that conflicts with my 1st question)

3) Will this be for a certain ammount of time, or will this just stay in effect for the rest of the URPG days?
1) I'm putting this under "Gym" rules, and you can't use a Legend in this "Gym" battle.

2) You're free to use the legend in any other battles.

3)As long as needed. Perhaps, if someone holds the title for a long duration, and defend it well, they can keep it and we'll start a new round.
Originally Posted by Marth View Post
The fact that the defender chooses the rules is... disturbing. Won't be easy to take it off from some of the experienced players...
Yea, I thought about that. How about if the challenger creates one of the battle rules.
Originally Posted by Legend Slayer View Post
I like that. Heh. You can go ahead and be the first LD. Pick a legend not chosen, and be ready for willing challengers to take that title from ya'.

So, the rules for this will be put in the Gym Leader thread. If the title moves to a new person, someone can post the change in the Want a Gym thread and we'll edit the change.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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