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Default Re: READ FIRST: EVs, Regis, Feebas, Secret Islands, FAQs

Victory road
Starting on the second floor, head down and use strengh on the boulders, by moving the one on the left left and vice versa but be careful not to block the way.
Go up the stairs, through the bridge and down again. You will face a trainer. Now go south and go down the ladder.
Here, go north and fight a trainer, then surf, go left, go up the waterfall, go left, go down the waterfall, go right, climb the stairs.
Now go down and left, use strength and rock smash on the boulders, and go up to the stairs and climb.
Now cross the bridge and go up, fighting a trainer. Then continue up. When you see the exit, Wally appears and fights you. His party should be around this:
Altaria lvl 47
Delcatty lvl 46
Roselia lvl 47
Magneton lvl 44
Gardevoir lvl 48