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Default Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Chapter 38: Lucidity]

- P o k e m o n -...................
.............T e a m...S t o r m R i d e r s

Theme; Light My Fire - KOTOKO


A Legend Untold...

A war once raged between Pokemon. This was no ordinary war, no, but a war of unimaginable proportions.
Beings called Light and Dark Pokemon had come to fruition; Dark Pokemon being called upon to destroy
the land whilst Light Pokemon were called to protect it. Lord Arceus, angry from being awakened from his
sleep by the Dark Ones, called forth the Light Ones to banish the darkness once and for all. After a terrible
battle that spanned many years, the Light Pokemon finally prevailed - but at the loss of their lives.
Having the land finally restored, it seemed a peaceful era could begin again. If only that were the case.


In the land of Talzere sits Deoxys; an evil and malicious Pokemon hell-bent on bringing the world to its knees.
Using powers unbeknownst to others, he has once again called upon a dark army to take away the peace held for so long.

In a far off, distant land, a human girl is unknowingly involved in events that are yet to occur.
When she is attacked and whisked to Talzere, she is caught in the crossfire of a war, and could possibly
be the only one strong enough to counter it.

Talzere, a world inhabited only by Pokemon, is not defenceless, but it cannot keep Deoxys at bay forever.
With the help of the Pokemon Rescue Association, the capital of Talzere's defence force, the Wingardom Missionary,
and an arsenal of allies, one human must find the light within and do what it takes to defeat darkness once and for all.

Lest Talzere fall.


*Please note this is a PG-13+ Fan-Fic.
Contains violence, coarse language and romance.

All reviews and comments appreciated!


Chapter Logbook:

Black Links - Chapters done
Red - Chapters not yet written
Green - Chapters being re-written | might be re-written
Blue - Chapter in progress



P A R T ...T W O: ....J U D G E M E N T


P A R T ...T H R E E: ....F A T E


*Note that chapter names are subject to change

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