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Default More Pokemon Figures From Jakks Pacific!

More Pokemon Figures From Jakks Pacific!


More Pokemon Figures!
From classic Pokemon like Charmander and Meowth to the stars of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea, there are more collectible figures headed your way! These figures will be available individually (each includes a collectible marble!) and in multipacks. And of course, expect to see the new Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl making an appearance - including the Sinnoh starter Pokemon and a very cute Starly!

Just what kind of Pokemon is a Starly, you might ask? Find out more on Cartoon Network this Friday, April 20th, when we air a special feature-length preview of the new season of Pokemon at 7 PM ET! (Please check local listings for times in your area.)

More Deluxe Pokemon Figures!
Some of the Pokemon world's toughest customers show up in the next series of deluxe figures! The first series featured heavy hitters like Blaziken and Blastoise, complete with sound and even some light-up features. Now here come Deoxys and Mewtwo - and Metagross and Machamp!
These new Pokemon toys and more will be hitting stores near you in the months ahead - and we'll have more pictures and previews on in the week ahead, too!

To view the entire article and more pictures, go to the article: Happy Happy Toys Toys!


*For news complete with pictures, go to the website:
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