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Default Re: RP Announcements and Feedback

Originally Posted by Tiana_M View Post
I have a suggestion to make, we ought to have a place where people can talk about ideas they have for an RP and see if it would even get off the ground so that we don't have all these random sign-ups that don't even get anyone that is interested. I mean the Advertisement thread is sort of helping, but it will only work for those that sign up for it.

Mine would be like an idea thread or sub-board that everyone could go to and talk about their RP ideas and people could reply giving tips or saying if they'd be interested in that kind of an RP. It could go under the discussion section as a sticky or be a sub-board on it's own.

Serebii Forums has something like it and it's called the RP Cafe. It seems to help a lot with the quality of the roleplays and sign-ups being created over there. It could also help cut down a lot on clutter in the sign-up area. I dunno what you'd call it, but whatever the name I think it'd be a good thing to have.
I have a feeling that that's what the Roleplay Discussion sub-board is all about. It's the PE2K's version of Serebii's RP Café, except with nicer people hanging around.


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