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Default Adams Trainer Stats

Banner Made By Me ^_^
Name: Adam

AIM: Rampardos pwns

Ex First Hearthome Gym Leader
Ex Grader
Ex Cianwood Gym Leader
Violet City Gym Leader
Trovita Island Gym Leader
Legend Defender

Best Streak: +25
Current Streak +4

New Record 5 November 2008

Money: 67,000
Wins: 206
Losses: 56

Used Items:
Dusk Stone
Reaper Cloth
Soothe Bell
Soothe Bell
Shiny Stone
Razor Claw
Dragon Scale
Fire Stone
Soothe Bell
Razor Fang
Metal Coat
Water stone
Dusk Stone
Water Stone
Dubious Disc

Items: Leftover's, Expert Belt, Wise Glasses, Wide Lens, Link Cable, Icey Rock, Muscle Band, Life Orb, Choice Scarf, 3 Lum Berries, Choice Band, Choice Specs, Fire Stone, Iron Ball, Focus Sash, Fire stone, Mind Plate

Unused TM's and HM's: [HM Waterfall], [Water Gun], [Brine] , [Surf], [Sludge Bomb], [Rain Dance]

Hidden Power Roller's: Gengar, Fire, Tyger Crysis; Electivire, Fighting, Tyger Crysis; Kingdra, Fire, The Jr Trainer ; Eevee, Ice, The Jr Trainer; Houndoom, Electric, The Jr Trainer; Togekiss,Ghost, Embreon,; Starmie, Fighting, Haze, Infernape, Ice, Micheal, Yanmega, Ice Dark Gardevoir

Random Stuff :
From Quizz= 35.5K
Callobration Contest vote= 3k
Messenger Party = $9500
Messenger Party = Leftovers
Messenger Party = TM Brick Break
Messenger Party = Magmar with TM Substitute and Thunder Punch
Messenger Party = Turtwig
Messenger Party = Bronzong
Story Comp Voting = 3k

Grader Wages Stuff.
Total = 5k

Ladder Battles
Wins: 5 | Losses: 2 | Draws: 0
Rating :

War Team : The Knights of the Round Table

OHKO's : 24

Basic Battles[Not OHKO's]
Wins: 24 | Losses: 37 | Draws: 0

Gym Battles
Gym Streak +6
Wins: 39 | Losses: 22 | Draws: 1


Kanto: 7/8

{Boulder Badge} [Rust]

{Cascade Badge} [Adrenaline]

{Thunder Badge} [Arate]

{Rainbow Badge} [Pokemon Trainer Sarah]

{Soul Badge} [Black Hawk]

{Volcano Badge} [Loyal Arcanine]

{Earth Badge} [Earth Type Rule]; [The Evil Dookie]

Jhoto: 8/8 Complete!

{Zephyr Badge} [Necromancy]

{Hive Badge} [Gun6]

{Plain Badge} [Atarobot] ; [Khajmer]

{Fog Badge} [Necromancy]

{Storm Badge} [Milotic Master]; [Synester]

{Glacier Badge} [-Pichu-Boy-]

{Mineral Badge} [Shen] ; [Nyurgh]

{Rising Badge} [Neon Skarmory]; [Soda]

Hoenn: 8/8 : Complete

{Stone Badge} [Dark Charizard]

{Knuckle Badge} [We The Pichus...]

{Dyanmo Badge} [Splishee]

{Heat Badge} [LS The Door Mat]

{Balance Badge} [BryceBam]

{Feather Badge} [We The Pichus...]

{Mind Badge} [Dark Gardevoir]

{Rain Badge} [Kingrptr101]

Sinnoh 8/8 : Complete!

{Coal badge} [Haze]

{Forest Badge} [Loyal Arcanine]

{Cobal Badge} [Falcon] ; [Elrond]

{Fen Badge} [Michael]

{Relic Badge} [Tyranitar Trainer]

{Mine Badge} [Arcanine Saviour]

{Icicle Badge} [Eraizaa-Kun]

{Beacon Bade} [Xalapeneo x2]

Orange Islands: 3/4

{Spike Shell Badge} [The Jr Trainer]

{Coral Eye Badge} [Leman]

{Jade Star} [Tyger Crysis]

Tresured Moments:
I got the First rampardos [Just one of the battles]
I was in the messenger party of 07
First Owner of Hearthome City Gym
Was the fastest growing member
First Drifloon + Drifblim in he URPG
I finnally won a FFA with Gallade
I won Trovita Island Gym badge
Beat Haze's Gym
Dusknoir Came First in a FFA :D
Came Second in a FFA with Cherubi
I beat Ataro's gym
I beat Zak with Cerulean Gym :3
Was Voted the best War Particepent
I beat Mikes Gym :3
Defeated LS in a gym battle
Got the second most wins in war 2x(3⅔) and got Staryu as my prize :o
Got to the second round of the gym tourney
Completed all Johto Badges
Gengar won a 13 Man FFA :D
Made My Ref Book :D
Gallade came 2nd in the 58 man, Forum FFA and got me 30k :D
Had over 100k on the 16th of April 2009
Battled in my first 6v6, Gameboy, Revolution rules battle and won
Defeated a Relcanth with my Kingler
Became the Legend Defender
First Person to get 3 Pokemon in an Individual RP
First Person to complete an Individual RP

Legend Defender

21/ 09/ 09 [English Date]
Defended Against Ataro.

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