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Eiyoko's Fanfiction

Beta Reader wanted!

Note: The genre of Pokemon is something like sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure, so instead of typing that over and over I will simply state the main genre of the fic itself.


Pokemon: Galactic Quest
(Discussion N/A)
Genre: Adventure (I dunno, what genre does "saving the world" fall under anyway?)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A Novelization of Pokemon: Diamond. Mainly follows the plot of taking down Team Galactic, not conquering the gyms.
Status: Revived! and Ongoing

Crime and Punishment
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A young boy named Colin, whom hates Luxrays with a passion, is transformed into a Shinx as punishment for mistreating Luxrays and their brood. At the same time, his father turns up missing, leaving his bedroom in shambles. Now, Colin must find and rescue his father while seeking a way to break the curse, but can he survive long enough?
Status: Ongoing, hiatus-ish
The Luxray lunged at him. Colin felt the paralysis ebbing and be made a desperate attempt to escape. Just as he managed to stand he almost broke into a run, but the Luxray was faster. Colin screamed as he felt its teeth sink deep into his leg. Slowly yet surely, he felt himself weakening...

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Guides by Eiyoko - Full List
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