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Default Re: For gold /silver fans only

Originally Posted by Blastoise
wich mail of the two ??

Anyway, i'd love to see a remake of G/S, of course tradeable with R/S
What does wich mail of the two mean?
Yeah, It would be cool to have remakes of G/S.I mean, they had remakes of red blue and green didn't they.
Hey, Thunderbird, I didn't know about that.
I'm so impatient I couldn't walk 1 step without flying or getting on my bike.
On both the gameboy and real life.
Anyway, Thunderbird, Can ya post your team?
A brilliant(flattery) master trainer like you should have a brilliant team.
yay! I am an amateur trainer now!(looks at all other members and sees them with beards walking sticks and a rating of master trainer.)Oh, darn.
Leaves pokemonelite2000 forum crying.
Comes back 2 seconds later.
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