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Default Crime and Punishment (PG-13ish)

~*Chapter One: The Omen*~

The woods were an excellent place to be alone. Many parents warned their children never to go near them, and the only time any adults went in there was to tutor new trainers.

It was late evening; Colin could hardly see a thing underneath the branches of the trees. Perfect to ward off anyone from town. It wouldn’t be long before some ghosts began to show up.

Colin ran his fingers through his chestnut brown hair, sighing as he reflected on what had occurred moments before. He and his father had gotten into another argument that had led to Colin’s hatred for Luxrays, as always. His stepmother could probably have stopped the argument, but she was on a business trip.

This was the worst summer vacation in his entire life.

Colin picked up a nearby rock and clutched it tightly. If that couldn’t relieve his stress, he could throw it at something. A tree perhaps… Or maybe a bush. If he was lucky, a pokémon would walk by. Anything to take his mind off of the argument that he had just had with his father earlier…

The very thought of it made him shudder. Ever since his stepmother moved in, Colin found it hard to concentrate on anything. He simply couldn’t get any peace with that woman hovering over him all the time. He just wanted to be left alone sometimes, but she always insisted on “trying to make him happy”. Yeah, right. As if that was going to help.

Just thinking about her made Colin want to beat up something.

As if on cue, a squeak erupted from the nearby foliage. Out of them wandered a rather confused-looking Shinx, its tail twitching nervously. Colin sneered at it – when a Shinx was fully grown, it was known as a Luxray.

They were the type of pokémon that he hated.

Colin hurled the stone at the Shinx; hitting it square on its rump. The Shinx cried out loudly. Colin reached for the ground to pick up another rock.

Just as he did, a low growl erupted from behind him. He turned cautiously around to see a Luxray – but not the usual shade of blue; this one was gold. Waves of thunder ran continuously down its fur, its eyes gleaming brightly in the night.

And it looked very angry.

The Luxray charged forward, lashing him across the chest with its tail.

Colin felt his limbs freeze in sudden paralysis. His mind was screaming in terror, urging him to flee.

No! He thought. I’m not scared! This is my chance! This is my chance to-

The Luxray lunged at him. Colin felt the paralysis ebbing and be made a desperate attempt to escape. Just as he managed to stand he almost broke into a run, but the Luxray was faster. Colin screamed as he felt its teeth sink deep into his leg. Slowly yet surely, he felt himself weakening.

After what seemed like hours to Colin, he felt the fangs withdraw from his calf. His energy returning at a quickened rate, he scrambled to his feet and fled the woods as quickly as he could possibly manage. Forget blowing steam. He would much rather prefer to stay alive, thank you very much.

Colin entered through the back door again, gasping for breath. His stepmother, whom had been washing dishes nearby, stared blankly at him. “Are you okay, sweetie? You look like you’ve seen a gastly.”

Colin nodded in response, not feeling the courage to speak. He didn't care if she was worried about him - he was not about to show her any gratitude.

“Well, hurry up and go to bed. I’m leaving for Sandgem tomorrow morning, and I can’t have you keeping me up past ten.”

Colin simply shrugged and headed upstairs to bed, suddenly feeling exhausted. He didn’t even want to think about how he was going to deal with tomorrow.
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