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Default Re: Crime and Punishment (PG-13ish)

Originally Posted by Geoffreys-Darkness View Post
Hmm. Pretty good, so far. It's a good start, but you could at least tell me what town/city they were in, and what type of ghosts were there. Also, Pokemon need to be capitalized! They're like names, sort of. Overall, I'd give this beginning an 8.5/10.
That's a matter of style, I don't think pokemon need to be capitalized. That's like saying:
'The Dog ran down the road.'
The only time it needs to be capitalized is if the trainer calls it by that name aka:
'Becuase he had named it when he was very young, the dog was just 'Dog' to everyone in the village.'

Anyway, I will reveiw sometime next week, I just needed to say that :)
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