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Exclamation A Trainer's View

Episodes 1-10

These Episodes contain information about the league, backgrounds for important characters, and the way Jack gained his Pokemon team. There are a lot of firsts here: first loss, win, Gym Battle, time in a Pokemon Center, Pokemon capture, etc.

About the League
This is the Stoplek League. There are 15 Gyms and 5 Master Gyms. Winning 8 badges allows you to challenge the League Leader. Winning 12 badges allows entry into the Stoplek Tournament, where if you win or show potential as a great Trainer, you will be allowed to fight the Master Gyms. Defeating all 20 Gyms allows you to challenge the League Grand Master for a shot at earning the title League Defender, the most prestigious title and honor a Trainer can earn in the Stoplek League.
The league is named after Mr. Charles Penny Stoplek, the wealthiest man at the time, whom started and funded the original gym system. While some leagues leave the minimum age to be a Trainer at 10, Mr. Stoplek thought age 13 was a more responsible choice.

About the Hero
*Jack. Age 17. 5'10". Short brown hair. Turquoise eyes.
His dad would not let him start at age 13. He studied for many years as much as he could about Pokemon, while still going to school. Most of his studies came from watching weekly television battles. His dad taught him what he could, when he wasn’t away on a trip. Mostly, he was upset at the lack of progress from Jack.
Goals-- Jack doesn't want to battle and catch Pokemon. He only wants to keep those that want to travel with him. He feels forcing Pokemon to battle for him is wrong. As far as the League is concerned, his mission is to collect all the badges and prove to those that laughed at him that he will be a great Trainer.

It was mid-fall when Jack’s chosen date arrived. His dad was away on an emergency trip, but left two Pokemon for him to start with: Bulbasaur and Pikachu. They were to be returned in two weeks.
He left his crying mom at home and entered the main town of Pine Valley. There he ran into an old friend, Michael. Best friends in school, Michael left at age 13 for his Trainer journey, now he is 16. Jack made a promise to be a better Trainer than Michae. It is also him that gave Jack the Newsboy Hat.
Outside Pine Valley, he met a hungry Rattata, being picked on by an Ekans. Jack saved it and befriends the little rat to join his team.

In Keadrill, Jack was outraged at a local Model Plane Club. It’s manager, Bernie, attacked flying Pokemon with his Model Planes to drive them out of the area. Jack rescued an injured Pidgey, beat up from one of the planes. Jack went back the next day to challenge them, but he lost horribly, even with Pikachu against Bernie’s Fearow. At the Pokecenter, Nurse Joy told Jack Pidgey has to heal, meaning no activity like battles. He didn’t like the idea of catching Pidgey like this, but he must help her heal. The Model Plane Club hasn’t seen the last of him.

On his way to the next city, he ran into a powerful Scyther, an experienced Trainer named Trish, and a new Trainer named Madeline. The three camped for the night, sharing ideas. Mostly Jack helped Madeline to be a more prepared Trainer. The next day Jack and Madeline battle. Jack’s first win.

Still on his way, he found a Pinsir, a rare Pokemon his dad has always wanted but never found. Jack struggled against another Trainer wanting to catch it also, and beat him. Jack managed to catch Pinsir with the help of Bulbasaur and an unexpected Caterpie, which he caught accidentally. O.o He arrived at Blue Falls City and sent Pinsir home to give to his dad as a present. Jack learned his dad was in an accident and won’t be home for a few more days. A kid at the Pokecenter mocked Jack for not having evolved Caterpie yet.

Jack continued onward, running into Trish, whom told him to follow her. They arrived at Blue Falls Waterfall. A reporter, Jennifer Alomna, is there catching history in the making. She shared with Jack the possibilities of a rare, or even a legendary Pokemon being inside. This particular waterfall falls out of the middle of the mountain, from a cave. And no one knows what’s inside the cave, until today. Things heated up when an extremely huge Gyarados exploded from the cave. When the Gyarados disappeared, the research started. Inside the cave were Magikarp and possible cave markings. Jack didn’t stay too long, as the research would take many months to complete.

Today, a wild Geodude stopped Jack and asked for help. Jack followed the rocky Pokemon into a cave deep into the mountains. Inside, a Vulpix was being picked on by a pack of Geodude. Jack and Caterpie battle hard to save Vulpix. Once he did, a boss Graveler showed up and chased them. Outside the cave, on a path high above sea-level, Graveler made its move. Another Trainer happened to be there, using Poliwag to Water Gun it away. Jack thanked the girl, whose name is Lyn Ravenwood. He then let Vulpix decide if she wants to join him or not. Vulpix joined.

He arrived at his first Gym in Styper City. Louie, a well mannered man, accepted the challenge, unfortunately, Jack forgot to officially register with the Stoplek League. Instead of a Gym battle, Louie used secondary Pokemon for a practice match. Jack learned how a Gym match works, but doesn’t do well in battle, making a number of mistakes. He lost. Louie told Jack to visit Professor Vine to register.

The next day, he met with Professor Vine at the Styper Mall. Vine is the official Professor of the league, even though most of the public disagree. He registered Jack and handed him a Pokedex. As Jack left, a Team Rocket duo, Roy and Ashley, attacked the mall. Jack was the only one to talk back, which encouraged others to fight. Team Rocket escaped. Jack was attacked by the media feeding frenzy for being a hero. Thankfully, Lyn was there to rescue him and they get away via her moped.

At her house, Lyn shared her sad past. Her parents didn’t want her to become a Trainer, unfortunately, they died. And when Lyn received her first Pokemon, her Aunt fell ill, forcing Lyn to take care of her from then until now. As luck would have it, her aunt was feeling almost completely better. Her aunt allowed Lyn to travel with Jack, even though she didn’t trust most Trainers. The first thing Jack wanted to do was get out of town and away from the media. Lyn provided her moped as transportation.

The moped ran out of gas. The two had a fun battle, to get to know each other and their Pokemon. Jack’s Caterpie evolved into Metapod. They found a Pokemon Shelter where trouble ensued with suspicious employees. Lyn thought they were crooks and Jack challenged them to a battle. When Mrs. Evans, the owner, returned, she said they employees were her mischievous sons. They rest, fill up the moped, and learn the media has stopped hounding for the “kid in the hat”. Relieved, Jack and Lyn continued north to the next major city.

Pikachu- Given by his dad for a while.
Bulbasaur- Given by his dad for a while.
Rattata- Determined battler.
Pidgey- Not completely healed yet but can fly a little.
Caterpie/Metapod- Quick and accurate String Shot. Adjusting to new body.
Vulpix- Has a fear of Geodude. Slow battler.


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