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Default "Tournament!"

I will need 17 gym leaders for the types, as well as 4 gym leaders for the weather conditions (Sandstorm, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, and Hail). Finally, I will need an Elite 4 and a Champion. In order to become a member of the elite 4, the trainer must have defeated at least 9 of the gyms. The champion must have beaten the elite 4 and all of the gym leaders. You can be a trainer for a gym if you PM the gym leader and they accept. A gym can't have more than 3 trainers. A gym leader can dismiss a gym trainer, if someone defeats the trainer and the victor wishes to join.

The rules are quite simple, you can use any level of pokemon and if you beat a gym leader, you can take their badge and/or their position. Naturally, this "tournament" will take place over Wi-Fi, so you will need a Nintendo DS and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. You will also need the national pokedex. The gym leaders must have over half of their team be of their chosen type. The elite 4 and champion can use whatever pokemon they choose. No duplicates or legendary pokeon. If an elite 4 member is defeated they will be replaced by the challenger, however, if the person that beat them becomes champion, they are not replaced. You can battle Gym's in any order and you must beat that gym's trainers (if any) before challenging the gym leader.

If you wish to join, post your request and PM me what your team is. If more than 1 person wants a position, I will decide for them, or they can battle.

Grass: NMG-Nathan. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Poison: Charbok. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Fire: Hyper Blaze. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Ice: Kentucky Fried Torchic. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Electric: Bulbachu. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Rock: Akiira. Trainers: Psychic Oats. Winning Challengers: CMEW.
Fighting: mootixguy. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Ghost: CMEW. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: Haseo1988.
Dark: Maiku. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Steel: WiFiFX. Trainers: Zeru Hyoto. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Dragon: blazer43. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Flying: MorganKnives. Trainers: mustangGT90210. Winning Challengers: N/A.
Sandstorm: Sent Reglay. Trainers: N/A. Winning Challengers: CMEW
Sunny Day:
Rain Dance:
Elite 4:
Elite 4:
Elite 4:
Elite 4:
(People that are ready are in blue, people who's gyms are "under construction" are in black.)
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